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Thread: Lebron James Signs contract...

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    Lebron James Signs contract...

    Lebron James signed a contract for $12.96 million for 3 years.... he already is getting paid over 100 million for endorsments... he could retire before he even plays one game and be set for life... I wish i had that much money!!! That would really stink for the cavs if he doesnt perform well!!! any comments!!

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    Signing NBA rookies is never a big deal since the rookie salary cap was instituted. Everyone signs with the team they were drafted by.

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    yeah but didnt they give him the highest they could????

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    All first overall picks get the highest they possible can... hell most lottery picks if not all get the max they can.

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    oh i didnt know sorry but he is still one rich man!!!

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    yeah he is guaranteed to get 20% more than the last year #1 draft pick and then a 20% raise each year until his contract is up.

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    rediculous isnt it
    and he still signed a measly $1 million contract with Upperdeck

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    his contract is an afterthought.

    it's when he's had 3-4 years under his belt that Lebron will get the $130M+ contract

    Rumor has it the Cavs play the Lakers in season opener on TNT


    that ought to be good

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