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Thread: Texans Year 2

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    Texans Year 2

    If you were the Houston Texans what would you be looking to do in the upcoming draft. They have a lot of potential but injuries and youth definitely left a lot to be desired at some positions in season #1.

    I have my own opinions but I'll save them for later in the thread.


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    Its real evident they need an offensive line... Im not sure who they have or whos coming up in the draft but Carr is not gonna last at last years pace.. A good running back would take a little pressure off him also...

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    I think they should draft either andre johnson or and offensive linemen in the first round and take a chance on Willis McGahee in a later round

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    i think a O-line man and maybe a decent running back to take a little pressure off of Carr and to lighten things up

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