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Thread: Dolphin Training Camp Success

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    Dolphin Training Camp Success

    Today I was at Dolphin training camp, I had a lot of fun watching them. After the practice I got all the rookies autos on my football which include pat white, vonte davis, sean smith etc. and coach tony sporano along with Chad Penington. Thank you for viewing. I will be back at training camp next week.

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    Nice! I'd love to get a Pat White auto. Good luck next week.

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    Sorry about picture, I had to use my Mac to take it.

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    I dont know if you guys could see the photo, I have a Mac and I really dont know how to get a photo on here. My picture is on photo booth and I cant figure out how to get it on here. Please let me know it would help me alot.

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    Man all the new people and rookies signed but not him, we all wanted Wake, JT and Jake Long but since there were a good amount of people they didnt come out. Im going to try again to get Cam Wake.

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    That sucks man he used to sign up here all the time but that was like for 3 people.

    Good luck on getting him hopes he makes it with that big bonus.

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    Yep man CFL aint to good, football aint big up there in canada

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