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    After consulting with some friends, a couple of which that work at Beckett, I've discovered something interesting in the trend of patches over jerseys.

    As we know, patch cards are moreso in demand than regular jersey cards to many collectors. Obviously, patch cards are more valuable to sell than a jersey. But here's the interesting thing. Selling wise, I've been informed that only your main stars (Bonds, A-Rod, etc.) command more than book price. All other patch cards are selling for premium. In other words, I have a patch card of Todd Helton worth $50. I should be able to expect to get between $35 and $50 for it. Whereas, if it was a jersey on the same card. I should be lucky to sell it for $20. A Bonds or A-Rod at the same price might yield you around $60 to $75, depending on the collector. To determine the value of a patch card, you utilize the status of the player. Unless of course, it is a patch set in which the value is provided for you.

    I don't know if patch cards have skewered the idea of value to others, so I thought I'd pass this along to everyone. I hope this helps.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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    Yeah patch cards will always hold more of a premium then a regular jersey card along with depending on who the patch card is of. Someone would not doubt pay more for a Bonds patch compared to his BV over a Ryan Klesko patch compared to his BV. But also another thing that is considered is the amount of colors in the patch card. A 2 color patch card will bring in less then what a 5 color patch card would. So lets say you may get $30-$50 for a $50 patch card of 2 or 3 colors you would get more for a 5 color patch card of the same card. And of course it would all depend on who it is.

    Welp I hope my little addition helped out a little. Thanks for the info that you have put up here enigma_shadow and have yourself a Merry Christmas also. hehe. :xmas:


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    it's always been hard to sell anything over book value, unless it's to an over-zealous collector

    I have a 1952 Bowman Duke Snider -- sharp (but not razor sharp) corners, well centered, no stains, near-mint condition.

    No one has bought it at book value, which is now at $200.

    Good luck going to a local card shop and even trying to get $175


    but those farkers at the card shop are more than happy to sell modern day cards (which are made in the millions quantity; most of which are kept in mint condition via card holders) for high end book value

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    on bthe subject did u hear about the patch contoversy with fleer and not sure what issue what it was in but its a must read for eveybody

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    not a clue what issue it was
    but heres what it was about
    This had to do with the 01-02 Fleer Force true Colors 2nd Color, and Hoops Hot Prospect RCs....both card are advertised as being patch cards....however many collectors (including me with a Malone 2nd Color) have discovered that our patches are just 2 color jersey swatches, not patch at all! One collector wrote to Fleer, which responded saying it considered anything 2 Colored a Patch (which doesnt make sense for them to say), and that Beckett agreed (trying to sound credible)....the collector then wrote Beckett with the whole thing, and they wrote an article saying that they DID NOT agree with Fleer and never had, such that a patch card was only a card with the patch on top of the jersey...
    i have not heard about any comment from Fleer since

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