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    2000 crown royale auto #134 travis prentice rc $30

    2000 crown royale auto #134 travis prentice rc $30

    actully looking for trades for my friend and he's hoppen to trade for packers gameused or let me know what you have to offer as he's willing to move this card.thaxs jamie jlderry30.

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    I don't have any Packers g-u. The best Packers card I have is a 99 Prism Blue Dorsey Levens #58 serial #20/80 bv $25.00. I do have a few Favre cards, but nothing worht that much probably 3-4 dollars at the most for each. Just thought I would offer. LMK if anyother players he may want.

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    he said he'll pass,but if thats the best offer he gets then i'll get back to you on it about a possibilty on a trade he said,thaxs jamie.

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    No problem. I have the card and can put together quite a few Packers cards if interested. Jlmk.
    Thanks again

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