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Thread: 2001 Spx

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    2001 Spx

    I have these two cards that i am looking to sell

    David Terell RC BV$15 looking to sell for $12

    Winning Material Ladanian Tomilson BV$40 Looking to sell for $35

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    somebody already offered me $35 in May for it but I wanted to hold onto it

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    was it either a person wanting it for a set or collection

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    a collection

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    anyone interested?

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    35 is way too high and 12 is high on the terrell....i mean they arent portis or shockey and they arent autos so why sell them for like 90% book? i could get the tomilson for 20 on ebay or 25 at a card show...if i were u i would contact that guy who offered you 90 percent book in may or i would lower your prices.

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    fine I will lower it to $27

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