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    Any Randy Moss fans like a game used net card?

    I was looking in my commons and found a 2000 Pacific Paramount "End Zone Net-Fusions" card #14 of Moss. Card had a pic of a Moss and a field goal filled with real neting. would trade for a decent 02 or 03 rc. I also like most game used, autos and low #ed cards/rcs.

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    No where on the card does it say Game Used. The set books at $140 and there are only 20 cards so you decided. If you drop me your address I can email you a pic of the card, very cool card.

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    GUYS! This cant be game used, what would it be? There are no nets on the field, its just a cool insert.

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    You are probably right since by 00 game used was pretty common and it should say it on the card if it is game used. Isn't there a net behind the field goal to keep the ball from going in the stand? I will get a pic tommorrow evening to post.

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