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    Arrow 1990-91 Panini NBA Sticker Album

    Have album with all sticker sheets necessary to complete album.
    I collect baseballand football stars from 70's to current.

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    1990-91 Panini sticker album

    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I still have the album along with lots of individual star cards from the early 90's. I'm also interested in Carlos Boozer and Lebron James cards of the Cavs besides what I listed previously.
    Thank you,
    Don Sanford

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    Is it a complete set? If not, are you willing to trade singles for singles?


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    90-91 Panini sticker album

    It is the complete set of stickers still in the package, not in the album yet

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    OK, I'm interested in it so far. The set is 1-162 according to Beckett. Does it include the "lettered cards" A-R?


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    90-91 Panini sticker album set

    I will have to check at home this evening. I honestly don't remember since I bought it so long ago and it has been in the original packaging since then. What does the sticker set and album go for along with the cards "a-r" ?

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    Beckett doesn't list the set value; just the individual card values. The closest and most recent reference I could find was:

    From: Dave Mokerski (
    Subject: RARE '90-'91 Panini Set for sale
    This is the only article in this thread
    View: Original Format
    Date: 2000/03/26

    Rare '90-'91 Panini Sticker Basketball Set for sale. Loaded with great stars. All 180 cards + the empty sticker album. All cards are in unpeeled sheets and in mint condition. Will sell for $10 U.S. funds (delivered) plmk

    Since this was written in 2000 I would think $15 BV for the set now.


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    90-91 NBA stickers & album

    Thanks for the info. I know all pages of the stickers are included in the packaging (unopened) along with the empty album to place into. I just wasn't sure of how many there are all together or these other cards that were mentioned. I'll check later this evening and get back to you. I apologize for not knowing but I don't collect much basketball anymore as I mentioned I had lots of the star players from the early 90's that I've been trying to trade.

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    Marlies-90-91 nba

    I checked-It is a 180 piece set with stickers/cards and album.

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