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    Anyone Know How Much These Jordan AUTO are?

    I have a 12 card set of Michael Jordan Auots and was wondering if anyone knew how much they Booked.

    If anyone know please LMK.

    Here's a pic of a few

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    i dont think they are actually auto'd, i have i think the same thing....they were redemption for gatorade winning caps a few years cback

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    They aren't real autographs. They are facsimile auto's just printed on the card. The set is only worth like $10.

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    hmmm IF they were real..i would say ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! haha

    man, how cool would it be to have 12 authentic autos of jordan


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    i have the set you won it from a cap of a soda..they arent real autos..most dealers sell them between 4-7 dollars a piece but for the set you wont get all that much...

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