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    Im thinking about buying this box

    Im thinking about buying 2003 UD Inspirations Box, but what would you pay for one. I really like this set

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    i think 80 is the most it would be worth

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    yeah,around $70 or $80,nothing really expensive yet.If you buy the box you have a good chance of getting at least the first 90 cards of the set.I bought one yesterday for $35 (traded some cards to get it and paid the difference) and got the first 92 cards of the set,it's a pretty nice card for what you pay actually.Plus you get a Dual Game Used jersey card,a Dual autograph card,and at least 3 rookie redemption cards.No Lebron for me unfortunately.But I did score a Yao Ming/Wang Zhizhi dual signatures card #'d 259/275,along with a Cezary Trybanski/Stromile Swift dual g/u jersey #'d 1253/1500.Even if you dont get a Lebron card (or Carmelo for that matter) it's still worth getting b/c of the other stuff.

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    I like this set, but $70 is about what I might pay for a box...

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    nice pulls allstar. The lowest i can find was 90-95 dollars

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    I opened a box 3 or 4 days ago and pulled a Kobe Bryant/Jay Williams dual auto #30/275
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    Kobe Bryant/Jay Williams Dual Auto #30/275

    Here's a picture of the Kobe Bryant/Jay Williams Dual Auto #30/275

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