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Thread: Mail Autos for 7/5.

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    Post Mail Autos for 7/5.

    Did anybody get any autos on Saturday? Shawn Green returned my 2 cards unsigned, and sent me a signed postcard in blue sharpie, in 42 days c/o the dodgers.

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    Well no successes for me for over a week now. I sent to Gordie Howe last week. My friend sent to him on the same day and he got an auto back 8 days later(Friday) So hopefully I'll have a success from him on Monday to tell you about.

    Are you pretty sure the Green auto is real?

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    Well I know it's not a Pre-Print, but it may be a Ghost signer, but then again ANY auto in the mail could be a ghost signer...the only person that knows is the player and the ghost signer.

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    wonder why he did not sign the card? why go through the trouble of signing the postcard?

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    Im not sure, but there was sometrhing else weird about it. The post card couldnt fit in my sase, so they glued my sase onto a bigger envelope and sent the big one back.

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    Hahaha Thats weird. I think since he gets so much mail that someone else opened it for him and they sent you the postcard. He probably signs a certain amount and just sends them out during the year.

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    That is what happened when I mailed some cards to Nolan Ryan about 10 years ago. I got 1 card back. He kept the other and sent me 2 signed post cards. My guess is they have the postcards already signed so they don't have to take more time to sign the cards.

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