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Thread: Your Favorite

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    Your Favorite

    I am makeing this post so you can let everyone know what your Favorite Autograph,Numbered,Jersey, Or just Reg card in your collection.....

    My Favorite is my Marcus Trufant Sage Hit Autograph /100
    It is my Favorite card because it is pretty rare Only 100 in the world..And i have been a HUGE fan of him since the First time i seen him..

    Let me know what your favorite is?????

    Vist me at

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    I have a lot of favorites (lol)

    Tim Couch 1999 Playoff Contenders "Rookie Ticket" Auto
    Tim Couch 2000 Sage Hit Holo-Platinum Auto #'d 3/30
    Tim Couch 1999 Press Pass Jersey 148/425 2 Color

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    My Fav 2001 Private Stock Game Used Jersey Eric Mould 3 COLORS!!! (thanx STrongdude) well my other fav is a 2003 Topps All American Jersey Brett Williams becasue it was MY FIRST EVER GU PULL LOL

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    Thanks to EVERYONBE who is replying and keep them comeing

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    overall favorite is Jerry Rice RC 1986 topps

    but I like pretty much any Rice and Kobe Bryant cards

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    I say 1984 Topps Marino or My olandis gary numbered to only 7!!

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    Tough question....all my cards are to narrow it down, I would have to say-

    Travis Prentice: 00 SPX RC Jersey/Autograph (3 Color Jersey- wht/brn/org) (1632/2000)

    Travis Prentice:01 Leaf Certified FOTG Jersey Numbers 2 Clr Patch #144 (brown/white) (3/41)
    Travis Prentice:01 Leaf Certified FOTG Jersey Numbers 2 Clr Patch #144 (brown/white) (19/41)

    Travis Prentice:00 CE Odyssey Jersey Backs #TP (1/20)

    Travis Prentice:00 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Gold Autograph #TP (1/41)

    And all my Sweet Spot Baseball & Football Autographs :D

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    ahh, 2002 playoff prestige banner season ink joe greene 22/25

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    roy williams 02 playoff contenders rc auto
    griffey upper deck rc

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