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Thread: refractors...ANYONE ELSE!!

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    Arrow refractors...ANYONE ELSE!!

    anyone else with refractors I am still looking, have lots to trade, email me with ANY AND ALL REFRACTORS and what you want from my tradelist, I also have TONS of auto'd cards not listed let me know!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have a miikka kiprusoff black border refractor #/50, will you trade ur bertuzzi rookie for it?

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    ummmm no mika isnt a star yet like bertuzzi the bertuzzi rookie has a lot more upside right now, interrested in anyhting else?

    is that the mika rookie refractor or juist a reg refractor?

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    i thought u werent trading your bertuzzi rookie, remember,

    i wanted to trade my 2 black border refs, jagr, nieuwendyk, and my ed belfour ref. and two finest refs

    if you want to make a deal for the bertuzzi let me know

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    I am not trading it, I didnt pull the deal, I am surprised so many people want this bertuzzi even though it only goes for like 8$

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    but u just told goingwild18 that you would trade it to him, why do u have to lie like that???

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    lol your reading the post wrong its says NO I AM NOT trading it, see it says are u interested in anything else, I said no to the trade I dunno where u r getting this from

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    how about for the turco bap and pahlsson draft day lmk

    how come the bertuzzi is on ur trade list if u wont trade it?

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