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Thread: Rookies For Trade!!!

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    Exclamation Rookies For Trade!!!


    I just added Rookies to my web-page. Click below and LMK if you need/see anything. Thanks!

    Click HEre For Dem' Rookies

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    i am interested in the fleer focus bulger rookie and

    the peyton manning rookies

    let me know what u want for them?

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    Do you have any of the three (3) guys in my sig? PLMK, Thanks!

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    i'd go for any shaun king or rob morris rc i do have the 99 victory amos zeroue and i think his 02 score too

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    From one D-Back fan to another, I'd love to work out a deal. I have the two Amos's you mentioned however. LMK if you can think of something we coudl work out. I know I have 2-3 King RC's + Press Pass Cards, and I am only positive I have one Morris #ed/3000.

    If you want I could give you soem links to Amos's I need on eBay. You could get some and we could og from there. Either way just keep me updated. Thanks!

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    I have a Avon All American RC would be interest in the Jamal Lewis and Laverneus Coles Topps Gallery RC's....

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    By any chance is the Avon the "foil" version of the set? I have the Regular RC card of him you offered. PLMK, same deal applies though. If you want me to find a Cobourne I need off eBay I'll do so. I really need his Donruss Elite RC/500. I wouldn't think it'd book that much. I would do the two you need for that if you could get/find it. If you need me to I could find a good bit of them on eBay for ya. LMK Thanks!

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