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Thread: Peyton Manning RC!!!!!!

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    Peyton Manning RC!!!!!!

    its a topps rc and will sell for dirt cheap or if you have any hockey, i will trade

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    i have hockey, what do u want for it in return? and what is the bv of it

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    im not sure how much it is worth since beckett isnt working right now, i didnt see much i liked except the giguere parkhurst se rc but if u dont want to trade that then i can sell it. i have some canucks cards also

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    How cheap is dirt cheap? $2? if so, then I would buy it.

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    what are u interested in hockey? i realy need that rookie

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    going wild- wut do u have

    i wont be here from wed.-sat. so if u offer, email me or pm me and ill get bak to it

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