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    Anyone else hate the new ebay format?

    I think it looks awful. I'm refering to the actual auction formats. If you haven't seen them yet, go check them out..yuck, looks like yahoo auctions, which I've always disliked the format of. Any other opinions?

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    Agree 110%!!!!Looks generic, way to hard to follow...IE:payments,etc!! Shoulda left well enough alone JMHO

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    I agree, why do things have to change just for the sake of change? It was fine before, IMO...

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    I liked it better before. We probably just have to get used to it then we will like it alright.

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    I liked the last format more than the current one. But i do not find it to bad

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    The last format is better, this one will take some time to get used to. The other one was easier, IMO.


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    We'll get used to it. Its just cuz its new. I don't know why they changed it in the first place though.

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    I just hope they don't use this new format as one of the changes they made which results in increase in sellers' fees

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    I personally don't like the new one either but it is the matter of getting use to it. I am sure that in time it will become easier. But for now you just need to get use to it. hehe. :)


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