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    SCF Banner Rules!!! PLEASE READ!

    If making banners for or requesting banners please abide by SCF Rules.
    The size limit for the banner should be no larger than 100 pixels high x 300 pixels wide (45k size) and there is only to be one such image in any signature. Premium and VIP members are allowed 500 x 100 (75k size).

    SCF BGS Bulk Grading Submissions available! Hidden Content

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    Do you know of a LCS not on this list, if so post Hidden Content and let us know about them!

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    Didn't want to make a thread on my question so I figured I put it here to save space.Hope you don't mind.If I were to replace my current banner with another,what happens to the existing one?I've posed this question 2 weeks ago and never received a response.I've tried copying and pasting it in my notebook but won't let me.So I guess my main question would be "Do banners just die once you replace them?"
    ~~Dave C.
    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR 1952 TOPPS(creases ok)
    MY PC 234/310~~HIGH SERIES~~ 2/97~~ 11 EXTRA

    1980-81 TOPPS BASKETBALL (any size lot)
    collecting REDS,anything vintage ex/or better

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