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    recent autos through fanpacks??

    i would love to know if you got any autos through fan packs. i kove sports and would love to get a piece of it.

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    Yeah. I got minor league pitcher Ben Moore on a card thru a Winipeg Goldeyes fan pack.

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    I got one in a Dodgers fan pack..They have a nice one too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddy132 View Post
    I got one in a Dodgers fan pack..They have a nice one too..
    I've gotten two from the Dodgers and they never sent an Auto in the fan pack, except for the letter the ambassador writes
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    i get signed team posters from rugby teams and sometimes signed posters or programmes from UK football clubs
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    bigdaddy132 what dodger auto did you get in the pack( or was it the dodger ambassador?) the only auto i've got was a hand written letter from the ambassador

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    It's a Dodgers logo "index card" type thing signed by former Dodgers 3rd baseman Tim Wallach..

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    I got a preprint of mehemt okur from the Jazz cause I mentioned he was my favorite player, but that's as close as I've come

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    Got a couple autos from the TB Lightning,Chicago Wolves back when I used to do fan pack stuff. Must be 5 years since I did that. That was when I had time and spacefor all the crap they send lol. Was nice while I was able to do it. Now I just stick to my Boston teams if I do any. I had been emailing every MLB,NHL,NFL,NBA and AHL team each season.

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    There are some former players who will sign after requests being made directly to them via an email, but I have had no luck with an auto rerequest via team website. There is a subform in the Autgraph Central Forum here that deals directly with auto via email and most of those addresses are in the TTM Manager here at the site as well.
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