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Thread: Is this a good deal?

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    Question Is this a good deal?

    Hi I'm new but not to basketball collecting and I was wondering is $41.00 for a box of Fleer Platinum basketball cards a good price? I think so but my doesn't think so. i'm trying to convince to say yes and buy them for me. Please reply thanks!

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    i think you can get it a LITTLE bit cheaper on Ebay.

    around $35

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    Yeah I know but I'm talking about from an online store.

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    Well my mom just got convinced because of my uncle and you guys. Thanks a lot guys.

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    what are they charging your for S&H?

    hopefully not some ridiculous amount like $8

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    very good deal, i bought one when they came out at $60...i regretted it

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    I bought one about a month ago from dave and adam's card world, for $33 plus shipping. dunno if that price is still available, but I thought I'd tip some1 off

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