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Thread: 2 Mail Successes!

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    2 Mail Successes!

    Whitey Ford c/o Foundation in 6 days
    David Justice c/o Home

    Justice was a great surprise since I tried 5 times from his house!

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    Nice goin' gettin Ford's.
    Good guy to have.

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    Gwynn's is the easiest to get in my opinion..the guy signs for everyone and everything he gets....Great guy too.

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    Congrats, I got a Kerry Wood card back in the mail today

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    WHat do you mean Gwynn is easy? I got him once last year but nobody has since. Hopefully my wood gets back soon.

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    congrats on the cards... and congrats on the wood auto...

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    Thanks its the best one I have got through the mail

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    Hopefully my wood gets back soon.

    LOL That doesn't sound right.

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    LOL... I sent to Gwynn over 2 months ago... hasnt come back. Does Justice sign for free in the mail?

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