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Thread: why the HELL

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    Angry why the HELL

    did upper deck stop making black diamond cards?? i LOVE black diamond cards!!!! what the hell were they thinking???

  2. Kronozio
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    What the hell were you thinking when you posted this on the wrong forum? :D I kid I kid... I've moved it over to it's right spot.

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    I think the Black Diamond cards were pretty nice... How many sets have they had and gotten rid of? Seems like a lot, and they just make new ones.

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    I completely agree man. I was wondering that the other day. Black DIaomnds would be a nice set right now becasue it wouldnt be as expensive as a SP Auth or SPX but would be better than the base Upper Deck set. They need to scrap Piece of History or MVP and bring back the BDs!!!!!

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    they are pretty nice cards i didnt realize they stoped making them...

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    Man I totaly agree with you the BD cards are great:p and should be reinstated straight away:hop: :D

    Orc :D

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    Those were nice cards, it's too bad that they got rid of them.

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    I heared that the last edition they relesed didn't sell all that good. Just some gossip

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    Hockey cards are starting to price themselves right out of the market. It's hard for kids to fork over $5 for 5 cards, and there are so many different things a kid can collect that are cheaper. It's really only the die hard fans, like the people on this forum, who are still eager to collect. Most stores in my neighbourhood don't even sell hockey cards anymore.

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