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    How did you pick your user name for SCF?

    :) How did you pick your user name for SCF ? Mine is "giants1249er" . I'm a San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan and my birthday just happens to be the 12th. Just curious.:hop:

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    i just used my aim name and i used that one using... my name cory favorite number 7 and my baseball all star number from when i was like 12 which is 63

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    Im a Mets Fan and the year I was born was 78 so...... Metsfan78

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    I used my ebay name, which is one of my old AIM name, which I picked because CraigsCards was already taken so I added a 1 at the end because it was my hockey number at the time.

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    i took a random word my friends and i made up in 4th grade....nobody knows what it means :)

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    The show Street Ball was on just before I found out about this site. So when I found it I put in my favorite AND1 star= Hot Sauce

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    stkmtimo = stk (stock) m (market) Tim (Tim) o (O. start of my last name).


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    mine is very confusing.. i took my first name, part of my last name and 0019 for yzerman.

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    stkmtimo......Stockmarket guy huh?....What is some good stock to invest in right now?

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