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    I'm surprised Bobby is such a good signer. I know lots of people he has signed for. I can't wait till the season starts up again so I can send to the teams. Only about 6 or 7 teams forward mail in the summer to the players homes.

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    Well I know of onr that does'nt... Chicago. I send about 5-6 Requests a year, After the reg season ends. I have got none back yet this year, And usually get a few back in the end of Sept.
    W/ sept postmarks.

    The Blues I hear are good at forwarding to the players, So is Calgary

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    Sorry I can't find my list of teams. I think Tampa Bay Florida and Calgary are 3 of them though.

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    i sent to bob clarke about a year ago and i got it back about 2 months later and he signed the soft sleeves on top of the cards...i thought it was a joke at first but he actually signed the sleeve and not the card...

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    Hey, dude. If you want, I can trade or sell you one of my Clarke's, as I have a couple I already got signed.

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    I have heard of lots of people signing the sleeve instead of the card including Yzerman and Shanahan. Thats why I just tuck my cards between my letter and my SASE. I had 1 player actually sign my 2 cards and he put them both into a sleeve for me.

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