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Thread: Spezza cards

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    Spezza cards

    What kind of Spezza cards are out there? I'd like to trade for some, let me know.

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    there is a whole bunch of cards of him playing in the OHL. I have a whole bunch if you are interested.

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    Sure, I'd take a couple of them. What do you want for them?

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    i can find over $50 in BV with no doubles for you if you want. and thats in just base and inserts

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    Hey thornton19, I was just wondering why you collect komisarek. Just want to know. Thanx

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    stupid thing. i am a huge oxy-moron. I LOVE the Habs. Two years ago I got back into card and wanted to collect one player only. Someone who could be very good. I didn't really think anyone on the Habs had great card potential except for Koivu or Theodore. So I found at a card show a great deal on a bunch of Thorntons, the rest is history. I have 198 of his cards. No doubles.

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