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    Fantasy Basketball Trade Offer Help!!!

    Okay so im in a few Fantasy BBalls this year and was just offered a Trade that i need Help with, First i will list my Current Lineup...!


    Ray Allen
    Chris Douglas-Roberts
    Tyreke Evans
    Oj Mayo


    Michael Beasley <---A Must Have since hes my PC Player
    Lebron James
    Zach Randolph
    Josh Smith


    Brendan Haywood


    Yi Jianlian


    Johnny Flynn
    Blake Griffin
    Jermaine O'neal

    Now the Trade offer i was Given is this...

    I Get: Carlos Boozer

    He Wants: OJ Mayo

    Now theres my Issue, i would love to have Boozer on my team but my Current Fowards are pretty Decent and i would lose a decent PG and my only replacement is Johnny Flynn but there are some Waiver guys available maybe i can pick up Lowry or Barea so Any Fantasy Opinions are Welcome thanks.

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    Personally, I would do it - good forwards/centers are tougher to find than good guards...although, the flip side is you'd have no extra guards, so if you have an injury, you'd have to drop a forward/center...tough call.
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