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Thread: Riggs TTM Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizard-jd View Post
    Rick, great returns. You've been "lighting up" the TTMs - sweet!
    thanks man...

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadHorse View Post
    True Larry Jones story in 2 parts. Part 1: He coached b-ball at an OSU regional campus where I spent some time. I saw him in the admissions office one day and went in and introduced myself and told him I knew all about him because I had read "Loose Balls" (Terry Pluto's book about the ABA). The mention of "Loose Balls" quickly gained attention of the entire office and he was half embarrassed but thought it was cool that I knew he was an All-Star. Part II of this story is a few years ago when I wrote to him at his addy in Columbus. I waited for a full year, recounted the above story. When my card came back, it came back signed "To Steve". My name (while close) is not Steve. It's like that time Chris Hanburger called you Rich.....I was so annoyed. Glad to see you had a nice success.
    Great story Deadhorse & nice to see ya around the boards. I still have those Hanburger cards, actually looked at them the other day & kinda chuckled. Not event hat big of a deal anymore. I never had the kind of experience you did with Mr Jones but he just seems like a genuine nice guy.

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    2 more today..

    Bob White 2/2, out 2-4, back 2-12. added "1957 NATIONAL CHAMPS" as requested.

    Clyde Wright 2/2, out 8-27-12, back 2-12. thrilled to add him. didnt get the no hitter inscription but still happy.

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    I always enjoy the 72 Topps card with the pyschadelic lettering. Just fits the era so well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_A_S_Z View Post
    I always enjoy the 72 Topps card with the pyschadelic lettering. Just fits the era so well.
    me to, in fact i enjoy just about all of the old vintage trading cards.


    Catch up time from the week.

    Mel counts 3/3, out 2-9, back 2-16. added acouple inscriptions i requested. nice success.

    Ken Willard 3/3, out 2-9, back 2-16. nice return from a 4x pro bowler.

    Jerry Rhome 6/2, out 2-2, back 2-16. Kept the 2 offered & sent back 4 extra. really pleased with his generosity. sent back a full page letter thanking me for the cards as well as talking about his collection. Said he has the FULL complete football sets from 1950 - 1968. thats impressive. really stoked about this return.

    John Bunting 3/3, out 2-4, back 2-16.

    Mark Van Eeghen 2/2, out 2-6. back 2-16. added "SB XI & XV CHAMPS" as requested

    Dick Garmaker 4/1, out 2-4, back 2-14. added a few smaller signed photos. nice return for a 4x all star

    Richie Guerrin 2/2, out 2-4, back 2-16. 6x All Star signed both cards

    Mel Hutchins 2/2, out 2-4, back 2-16. 4x all star signed both cards.

    Brian Billick 2/2, out 2-4, back 2-15. couldnt be happier with the way these turned out

    Lute Olson 2/2, out 2-2, back 2-15. nice to add this HOF to the collection. last success from him came back in bad shape.

    Fuzzy Thurston 2/2, out 1-5, back 2-15. sent acouple SB cards. signed & added "6X WORLD CHAMPION" as requested.

    Kurt Gouveia 1/3, out 2-6, back 2-16. returned 1 signed ont he back in pen. Looks awful

    Andy Russell 3/3, out 1-23, back 2-16. sent small donation. thrilled to add this steeler great to the collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain View Post
    any ST coming in?
    nothing yet

    edit... Kershaw from last year
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    todays returns.

    Gene Guarilia 2/2, out 2-11, back 2-19. 2nd time sending to him. first time he signed the back, this time added a fade out effect to the bottom of the picture so he would have a better spot to sign. turned out nice.

    Wayne Hawkins 2/2, out 2-9, back 2-19. same deal as the Guarilia cards. 2nd attempt & these turned out much better. 1st return i sent to dark of pictures & didnt look good at all.

    Myer Skoog 2/2, out 2-11, back 2-19. signed the front of these.. very pleased.

    Johnnie Johnson 2/2, out 1-28, back 2-19. nice return from a CFHOFer. big thanks to lizard-jd for the help with the address.

    Bill Enyart 2/2, out 2-11, back 2-19. signed the front of these. pleased with the way they look.

    Michael Ray Richardson 2/2, out 1-22, back 2-19. Thrilled to add this 4x all star & 2x CBA champion as a coach to the collection.

    Brady Quinn 2/2, out 2-6, back 2-19. fast return.

    Chris Snee 2/2, out 12-29, back 2-19. awesome return. thrilled to add this 2x Super bowl champ & 4x pro bowler.

    David Akers 2/2, out 1-14, back 2-19. Glad to add him on cards. Hope he lands with a team next year, be surprised if he was a 9er.

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    Those Quinns look great! Might motivate me to send a few out, Rick.
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    I always liked Quinn and he really seemed like a good guy. Wish he had more success as a pro.

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    Awesome stuff my man. 8x10s are awesome huh? I dig the customs as well.

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    Joined this site just for this thread. I've only sent out 4 TTMs because I'm scared to death of losing my stuff but this thread motivated me. Went and picked up some envelopes, stamps, and 2 ROMLB's today as well as I think I'm going to send a "Jacobs Field" collectors ball to spring training for the Tribe hoping Lofton will sign it (and maybe talk Sandy, Belle, Baerga, hell anyone from the 95 team who is there)

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