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  1. Moving And Downsizing

    I'm planning on moving around next Spring or earlier, so I'm trying to downsize my sports card/ autograph collection while making some money at it at the same time. The first cards I'm trying to get rid of are my unsigned Richard Petty cards.

    4 Random Richard Petty cards for $2 ttm (cash). Cards will be shipped inside a folded paper inside of a plain white envelope. Penny sleeves added by request. Top loaders NOT ...

    Updated 10-10-2015 at 03:43 AM by CliffAnderson92

  2. Kronozio
  3. It's never easy in New York

    If for some strange reason the Mets don't reach the World Series, much less get out of the Division Series (likely vs. the Dodgers), don't be hating and blaming it on manager Terry Collins and GM Sandy Alderson. There's only one real candidate for blame, and that is the greediest piece of human flotsam there is. Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras.

    About three or four weeks ago, Boras whined in the press about Mets ace Matt Harvey, one of his bazillion clients (read: brainwashed ...

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  4. Anyone tired of Rex Ryan yet? LOL

    Just a comment on Rex Ryan and the all around joke of a head coach he is. Rex loves to talk but guess what Rex "You stink as a head coach!!" Doesn't want to kiss Belichick's rings but seriously be professional and learn some humility. Rex will never change and never learn. You poke the bear and the bear beat the crap out of you. If anyone watched his press conference you could see his issues. He said he takes it "personally". LOL. If you walk up to someone and hit them ...
  5. Another Shipping question!

    I've been looking at autograph websites and almost all of them either sell only hi-end autographs, or their prices seem way too low. At the moment I'm trying to sell my ttm autographed sports cards, and other autographed trading cards. Most of them are only worth a few dollars at the very most. I know that the companies that buy/sell autographs aren't going to be able to give my what I want, and I don't want to go the ebay route since I've never personally used ebay, and I want to sell them quick. ...

    Updated 09-16-2015 at 08:03 PM by CliffAnderson92

  6. Shipping Question

    I have never sold any of my autographs before, but I'm planning on selling some to a guy in Colorado very soon (I live in Alaska). I ordered some small pre-paid priority mail flat-rate boxes from the USPS website. I'd like to put the autographs inside along with some protection, and then tape the closing flaps after removing the sticker from the adhesive that's on there for extra security, and also tape the seams to help protect it from possibly opening if/when it gets tossed around. But..... I've ...