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  1. Crybaby Brady gets a 4 game suspension. Chump change!

    I don't think it shocks anyone that the NFL came down on the New England Patriots in the wake of "Deflate-gate". Problem is, they didn't come down hard enough.

    The decision to suspend quarterback Tom Brady 4 games without pay, mostly for refusing the cooperate fully with the investigation, is mere chump change. As long as commissioner Roger Goodell is in the pocket of Pats owner Robert Kraft, he'll never throw the whole book at the Pats. A million dollar fine and the loss ...
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  3. Mike Mussina ttm

  4. How to get a LEGEND'S auto like beast mode, Aaron Rogers and J.J Watt

  5. what do you say in an email request?

  6. IMBD great email finding site

    Quote Originally Posted by indyreds View Post
    I just emailed to over 60 actresses the last two days after searching around IMBD. I would click on the resume area on an actresses home page and look for an email. Many of the young up and coming actresses had personal email addresses there. I already have heard back from 6 or 7 saying they are sending autographed photos. We all know that many times these result in photos with no return emails as well. We still get questions from members asking where to find email addresses and this is one that
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