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  1. I just don't get it, maybe someone can help me out with OBJ and the prices

    Earlier, I posted a little thing on Ronda Rousey and her first auto(1/1, not a printing plate) going for over $10K on ebay. Well, what I don't understand is why OBJ 1/1s are going for so high, even the 1/1s, when there are plenty of other ones out on the market in different variations. Plus, he has only had 1 season. Do I think he has potential? Yes, I do, but what if he gets hurt, or doesn't perform like he did last year? What if he gets into legal trouble like what we are hearing with some other ...
  2. Why all the fuss over Kris Bryant?

    The Chicago Cubs, as expected, sent top prospect Kris Bryant to minor league camp, and his next stop is likely Iowa for about 2 weeks, or so they say.

    The Players Association, and Bryant's greedy agent, Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras, are crying foul. All they see is that Bryant led all players in HRs in spring training games in Arizona with 9, but, as others point out, he's committed 4 errors at 3rd base, and they want to test him in the outfield. Bryant hasn't said anything ...
  3. 2014 Topps Baseball "Top 50 Rookies" Redemptions

    As a player collector I am VERY disappointed in Topps and their 2014 Top 50 Rookies buyback cards. I recently bought the Dave Winfield card that was redeemed.... there is absolutely no way to distinguish this card from the other 56 1974 Winfield rookies I have. To have it graded as the redeemed card is impossible due to there being no proof my card is "The" card that was sent by Topps. NO COA. A stamp, a sticker on the back... something, anything. Being a buyback card collectors should ...
  4. Anyone Know Whose Autograph This Is?

    It is signed with what looks like a G and B with what looks like a t in the lower part of the B. It is signed with #21, too. I know this may be impossible to figure out but if anyone can figure this out that would be really great.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.29.20 PM.jpg
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  5. Me, Bill Clinton And Friday The 13th

    There's nothing really strange about getting autographs in the mail, but what I got today was definitely a 1st for me.
    I received an envelope from a singer from Europe named Marcia Barrett. When I opened the envelope there was two autographed pictures inside. One of them was personalized to me, and the other was personalized to a Mr.Bill Clinton......yes that one!

    Luckily Ms.Barrett also included a handwritten note along with the autographs. She thanked me for being ...