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  1. Melissa's Matt Duchene PC

    Since her PC has started to grow, had to seperate this portion of the Avalanche Collection blog entry into it's own, so this one is just detailing what Melissa(Friend im trading for) has in her Matt Duchene PC. Anything not listed here is a want. To view Melissa's traders, please go here (Still a work in progress) or feel free to visit my own tradepage here ...

    Updated 03-11-2015 at 12:34 AM by Rockstartrev

  2. Kronozio
  3. Sending a request to Canada? Help

    I would like to send a request to Guy Lafleur, but I don't know the steps I have to take to send a letter to Canada from Florida. Do I need a special stamp, how much more does it cost, etc.? Thanks!
  4. List of Baseball Cards that are Auto'd and GU

  5. 2008 allen ginter hawaii trade conference set /30

    I'm looking for a Christy Mathewson Allen Ginter Hawaii Trade Conference card. The set was of 16 legends and was handed out in packs of 3 at the trade show that year. Each card is numbered out of 30. I've been searching for the Mathewson since it came out to complete my set, if anyone has one or knows someone who does I would be highly interested in purchasing it!
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