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SportsCardForum offers their members a vast majority of free services and applications for sports and non sports cards collectors. We have a one of the most complete card database with 12,482,017 cards as today. Mainly cards sets from North America's major and junior sports along with gaming and celebrity cards sets.

To take advantage of these applications and services, all you need to do is to sign up on the forums. Once you have created your free account on SCF, it will give you access to many tools.

SCF forums (SCF Main)

This is where most actions happen to trade, sell, buy cards with or from other members. Also you can discuss your hobby and ask questions.

Since early 2003 when a first version of this forum was installed, up to today, this has been a growing community to talk hobby, gather information buy sell and trade with members.

Cards Database / Inventory Manager (IM)

The Inventory Manager is a member only section that let you search the card database and create your personal collection inventory.

Easy to use and because it relate to a complete card database, the application will do a lot of the work for you.

All you need to do is to create a 100% free forum account and you know have access to all three in house custom applications

Through The Mail Manager (TTMM)

Allows members to see and look up addresses, to acquire autographs through the mail or submit address to the TTM database.

The Through The Mail Manager (TTMM), offer successes statistics on each player per addresses.

Keep track of all your submissions along with the successes percentage or all your entries.

Trade Manager (TM)

This is where all transaction between members are being track by both party.

Works with a feedback system and a dispute section where you can place and transaction that did not end well.

  • Cards Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager is a member only section that let you search the card database and create your inventory.
  • Trade Manager

All you need is to create a free account on our discussion forums. Then you can decide to use what you need.

Members are here to sell trade and share their collections. You can use the inventory manager to select cards on both side of a trade and then automate card added or removed from the inventory. The Manager lets you track your transaction with other members.

SCF forums

This is where most action happen to trade, sell, buy cards from other members. Also you can discuss your hobby and ask questions. When you and a other members agree to a trade, members will then enter the trade/sell/buy content and post the trade for the other party to accept using SCF Trade Manager.

Trade Manager

This is where every transaction added and both parties can monitor the progress to see it the other party did receive the cards. Once you receive your end you also go in and say you receive it. In case of issue, SCF offer mediation and will ban anyone that can't follow the rules for transactions. The Trade manager also let you post feedback and keep track of the member feedback

Cards Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager is a member only section that let you search the card database and create your inventory. Here a list of tools the SCF Inventory Manager:

  • Cards Sets Checklist: Complete set list with all cards attributes
  • Stock images of the cards: We have over 1 millions cards with a image.
  • Your personal inventory
  • Manage the card that you collect (PC) and those for trade (Trader)
  • upload unlimited images (1 per card)
  • Player statistics page where you can see for all cards, cards with attributes how many you have versus how many we have in the card database.
  • Manage Player list via the PC fast link feature. It let you add players that you collect and will place on the right column a list of 2 links per player you have added. First, a link to the player's complete card list and the second link to the player statistics page.
  • Manage Player want list
  • View Player automated image album of your cards
  • View player grid with card text when you do not have a card image and will show the image when you have one.

Through The Mail Manager

Trade Manager

SportCardsCard SetsPlayersTeamsImages
TOTALS 12,477,741251,528105,6162,9801,114,877
Baseball 4,357,768 71,507 26,903 1,327 339,786
Football 3,568,834 72,622 28,907 471 277,888
Basketball 1,739,124 36,718 10,500 532 107,115
Hockey 1,677,840 33,318 30,242 336 307,914
Soccer 351,038 8,374 2,148 312 1,429
Auto Racing 287,790 11,209 4,280 0 67,770
Wrestling 94,553 3,745 540 0 5,929
MMA 87,596 2,556 429 0 2,385
Television/Movies/Music 82,640 2,663 0 0 282
Bench Warmer 60,309 1,993 342 0 662
Other Sports 53,744 2,320 3 0 1,506
Multi-Sport 30,457 747 0 0 234
Other Non-Sport 21,791 800 0 0 102
Golf 19,316 1,364 737 0 1,010
Tennis 14,424 974 585 0 703
Comic Cards 9,902 282 0 0 151
Gaming (Magic) 8,245 46 0 0 0
Australian Rules Football 4,141 59 0 0 0
Rugby 2,032 47 0 0 0
Other Gaming 1,805 23 0 0 0
Gaming (Pokemon) 1,657 17 0 0 11
Gaming (Yu-Gi-Oh) 1,210 17 0 0 0
Olympics 913 37 0 0 0
Boxing 320 80 0 0 0
Cricket 292 5 0 0 0
Action Figures (Sports) 0 0 0 0 0
TOTALS 12,477,741251,528105,6162,9801,114,877



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Sports Card Forum provides sports and non-sports card collectors a safe place to discuss, buy, sell and trade.

SCF maintains tools that will allow collectors to manage their collections online, information about what is happening with the hobby, as well as providing robust data to send out for Autographs through the mail.

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