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TTM Manager Version 2.0 What's New

While we have pretty much the same basic function as in version 1 of the TTM Manager, many improvements and additions have been made

- The player list per sport: Instead of listing all players from a given sport in one page with five player per row.
    we have now opted to list players letters. The letter being the first letter of the last name of a player.
    For instance Patick Roy will list under hockey in the letter R page. It's also one player per line followed
    by last receive date, the number of days it took, the player's success percenatge and the number of successes
    that members reported for that player. You can also sort by column, just click on the header you want sorted.

- The player addresses page: On that page when you have a submission, instead of seing a link under your username
    to edit a submission, you will see a pen icon like this: You just click on it to edit you submission.
    Also even if set to success, you can still edit it to either add a image or change/add a receive date etc...

- The recent successes page: I added the number of days it took for the member to receive a signed item.
     Also images when you click on it it show whitout leaving the page the larger version of the image (lightbox system)

- The recent addresses page: This is new and let's you see the latest added addresses.

- The add/edit submission page: You now have a calendar picker to select the dates but the bigest improvement is:
     Now you can upload images up to 2 Mb in sizes and up to 2048 px. X 2048 px. in height and width.
    So more then plenty to scan images of a card and just crop the image and upload it.
    Images with more then 1024 pixels will be accepted but the application will resize it so less then 1024 px.

- The statistics pages: You now have general stats and top 25 members and top 25 signers for each sport.
     This is a new addition and the top 25 sport signers will most certainly be helpfull in finding the best signers.

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