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You can view the top 25 Non sport signers for:
All time - Last year - Last six months - Last three months

General statistics

In the TTMM Database, We Have:
29,355 players/celebrities
51,551 addresses
211,805 members submited request
Out of these request, we have:
145,341 success
24,169 failed
42,295 pending
69% overall success percentage

The top 25 Non sport signers

All time!
PositionPlayer's Name# Of Successes% Of Successes
1George W. Bush8891%
2Tim Allen56100%
3Judge Judy56100%
4Bob Barker5498%
5Adam West (R.I.P.)4286%
6Jim Davis4295%
7Regis Philbin4198%
8James Earl Jones3774%
9Penn & Teller Penn & Teller3697%
10Carrie Fisher (R.I.P.)3697%
11David Copperfield3291%
12Betty White3197%
13Ed Asner3197%
14Donald H. Rumsfeld30100%
15Jay Leno3088%
16Robert Redford2888%
17Paula Deen28100%
18Judi Dench2696%
19Kelsea Ballerini(country singer)2596%
20Tom Selleck25100%
21Vanna White2492%
22George H. W. Bush2377%
23Charlie Daniels2374%
24Jackie Collins (R.I.P.)2396%
25Nick Offerman2388%