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You can view the top 25 Soccer signers for:
All time - Last year - Last six months - Last three months

General statistics

In the TTMM Database, We Have:
32,127 players/celebrities
58,614 addresses
253,928 members submited request
Out of these request, we have:
174,443 success
27,835 failed
51,650 pending
69% overall success percentage

The top 25 Soccer signers

All time!
PositionPlayer's Name# Of Successes% Of Successes
1Kristine Lilly2796%
2DC United2796%
3Clint Dempsey2593%
4Brandi Chastain21100%
5Landon Donovan1995%
6New England Revolution16100%
7Oliver Kahn1575%
8Jon Busch14100%
9Kyle Beckerman12100%
10Pele Pele1286%
11Graham Zusi1185%
12Alex Morgan1091%
13Jerzy Engel1091%
14Frank De Boer1091%
15Sebastien Le Toux10100%
16Heather Mitts880%
17Franz Beckenbauer889%
18Kathrin Hendrich788%
19Nick Rimando788%
20Kelley O'Hara788%
21Abby Wambach686%
22Netherlands National Soccer Team5100%
23Christian Pulisic583%
24Meghan Klingenberg4100%
25Chris Pontius4100%