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You can view the top 25 Football signers for:
All time - Last year - Last six months - Last three months

General statistics

In the TTMM Database, We Have:
30,296 players/celebrities
54,361 addresses
228,462 members submited request
Out of these request, we have:
156,345 success
25,484 failed
46,633 pending
68% overall success percentage

The top 25 Football signers

All time!
PositionPlayer's Name# Of Successes% Of Successes
1Peyton Manning38762%
2Eli Manning25187%
3Dan Fouts22496%
4Tony Dungy195100%
5Jordy Nelson18496%
6Andre Reed17589%
7Sterling Sharpe16699%
8Ozzie Newsome16395%
9Ed Hochuli15998%
10Herschel Walker15894%
11Y. A. Tittle (R.I.P.)15693%
12Raymond Berry15396%
13Lawrence Taylor15390%
14Roger Craig15291%
15Jeff George14999%
16Ed "Too Tall" Jones12699%
17Archie Manning12584%
18Terry Bradshaw12595%
19Coby Fleener12499%
20James Lofton124100%
21Harry Carson12199%
22Gino Marchetti116100%
23Paul Hornung11297%
24Charlie Joiner10992%
25Joe Theismann105100%