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Charlie Joiner Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 95%

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Address success percentage: 88%    
Total number of submission on this address: 119
# of Success: 98  # of Failed: 14  # of Pending: 7
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 06-15-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Kinglouie456 08-20-202008-29-2020Failure 91/1RTS 
Bobcat 08-18-202008-28-2020Failure 103/0RTS 
Jawheels73 08-05-2020 Pending -2/0  
RIFF RAFF 77 07-30-202008-10-2020Success 111/18x10 
rggedglory 07-27-202008-08-2020Success 121/172T; update signed HOF 96 
kandiclipper 05-21-202006-01-2020Success 113/3W 
Barbosa79 05-20-202005-29-2020Failure 92/0RTS unable to forward 
Phinsman 05-20-202006-01-2020Failure 121/1RTS 
rich summa 05-18-202005-27-2020Success 91/179 Topps 
jrochkeau 05-08-202005-18-2020Success 103/3  
tonyt1957 04-18-202009-25-2020Failure 1601/179/topps rts 
titanup74 04-16-202004-27-2020Success 111/1signed card! 
jjfrick 02-10-202002-22-2020Success 122/2Very sharp signature in blue. Thanks, Charlie! 
Jawheels73 05-31-2019 Failure -3/0Can no longer forward
RIFF RAFF 77 05-08-201907-09-2019Success 621/1  
Mike McK 04-04-201904-19-2019Success 152/2 
Craiggb 03-18-2019 Pending -1/0  
Brian Davison 03-15-2019 Pending -1/0  
Piester 03-10-201903-30-2019Success 191/1  
heffyscards 02-18-201903-07-2019Success 172/2Signed 2 cards, Thanks Charlie 
Derek Ram-z 12-19-201801-07-2019Success 191/1Signed 81 Topps in blue sharpie. 
RIFF RAFF 77 10-03-201810-22-2018Success 192/2Signed 2017 classics and index card 
twinsfan83 04-18-201805-03-2018Failure 151/0RTS UNABLE TO FORWARD 
haynmay 04-16-201805-03-2018Failure 173/0RTS - scroll down this page and try the address below 
Danmay55 04-02-201804-26-2018Success 241/1Sent custom pic signed! 
Donhutson 04-02-201805-04-2018Success 322/2  
utlaw97 02-20-2018 Pending -1/02005 Topps All Time Fan Favorites Football 
druce26 12-06-201702-10-2018Success 661/1  
Restau21 10-24-201712-01-2017Success 381/076 Topps signed in black. Thank You Mr. Joiner 
PPCLI1988 10-18-201712-05-2017Success 483/3  
Donhutson 10-11-201712-15-2017Success 653/3  
footballautos 08-01-201711-16-2017Success 1072/2  
Cjohnson1221 07-16-201708-23-2017Success 381/2Liked one of the cards and kept it. 
RobHarrington 06-19-201708-10-2017Success 522/22001 Topps Archives & 2016 Panini Classics signed in blue Sharpie. 
skinsfan832 05-23-201706-03-2017Success 111/1Signed one 4x6 photo with HOF inscription, thank you Mr. Joiner! 
Donhutson 11-26-201612-10-2016Success 142/2Sent lor, sase, and 2 cards. signed both cards 
momopredator 07-12-201608-18-2016Success 373/3Sent a LOR, SASE, and 3 trading cards. Charlie Joiner signed and returned all 3 cards. Thank you
CamaroDMD 07-01-201607-25-2016Success 241/1Sent 1981 Topps #496, LOR, SASE. Returned Signed
Donhutson 06-20-201607-08-2016Success 182/2Sent LOR, questions, and 2 cards. Signed cards but didn't answer questions 
EKritzell 04-09-201605-14-2016Success 353/2Sending a 4x6, IC, and question sheet. Didn't sign IC, but filled out question sheet and signed the pic 
BFCUniverse 04-09-201605-13-2016Success 342/2Sent 2 1985 Topps Football Cards, Recieved Them Both Back With a Beautiful Black-Ink Signature! 
mazefan72 03-12-201603-26-2016Success 132/2Signed a 79t, and an 80t. TY! 
BBonds25 03-01-201607-23-2016Success 1432/21976 Topps and 1983 Topps. Thank you Mr. Joiner! 
49erbud 11-06-201511-20-2015Success 141/1Signed my 8x10 but no HOF like I asked. Oh well can't have it all. 
heystu17 09-23-201509-28-2015Failure 51/01984 Topps in a penny sleeve. Returned to sender. 
BBonds25 05-22-201503-24-2016Failure 3072/01976 Topps & 1983 Topps. RTS from last year. Tried again. 
Saint On Sundays 04-28-201507-06-2015Success 694/4(3) 4x6's and one card in blue sharpie. 
teetime354 11-24-201412-10-2014Failure 164/0Sent 4 cards with blue sharpie. Failure!!! Return to sender!!! Don't understand this one. 
bickel84 11-14-201412-01-2014Failure 171/0Trying this address again. Sent 1987 Topps Record Breaker card...Ugh, got another RTS. 
lesboulez 10-16-201411-07-2014Success 221/1Signed '78 Topps 
Calebssportscards 09-08-201411-07-2014Success 601/1Sweet success from a HOF, wasn't sure if it was coming back 
spikeowen 09-08-201411-11-2014Success 644/4Excellent signer and a HOFer - Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
mets86 09-04-201409-22-2014Success 181/1sent a 8x10 
xtra-innings 08-01-201408-09-2014Success 82/2x2 cards
frazier114 05-30-201406-21-2014Success 224/4sent 1 card and 2 pictures got all 3 back signed
huskerfan86 05-21-201406-22-2014Failure 323/0very disappointed to get RTS 
bickel84 04-05-201404-24-2014Failure 191/0Received envelope back RTS - unable to forward 
frazier114 03-16-201404-11-2014Success 264/4succes sent 4 cards got all 4 vack with 1 having his HOF 96 INSCRIPTION
Kyledaly24 02-24-2014 Pending -2/0  
Coltron57 02-12-201403-14-2014Success 292/22 4x6 photos. Signed in black and added HOF 96 to one 
xtra-innings 02-01-201402-25-2014Success 242/2x2 cards
Robextend 01-22-201402-21-2014Success 302/21973, 1977 Topps/Great success, thank you Mr. Joiner. 
frazier114 01-09-201401-27-2014Success 183/3 
Tampasportsfan53 12-21-2013 Pending -2/0  
mazefan72 11-11-201301-23-2014Success 734/4Signed a custom 4x6,and two additional 4x6 photos, along with a Rackrs card inscribed HOF 96. TY Mr. Joiner 
noahmiller23 11-05-2013 Pending -1/0  
Lebanik 10-25-201311-25-2013Success 311/1pretty quick turn around 
delones24 10-16-201311-18-2013Success 331/186 Topps
mikedmatthews 09-16-201310-24-2013Success 384/4awesome!
frazier114 09-07-201310-13-2013Success 363/3success 3 pics signed
tigerfan84 08-26-201309-16-2013Success 212/2Signed two 5x7s 
xtra-innings 08-01-201308-15-2013Success 143/3x3 photos
xtra-innings 08-01-201308-21-2013Success 201/1x1 card
bcommerce 04-08-201304-26-2013Success 183/3Sent 8 x 10 and 2 Cards!! Signed all three Inscribed HOF on Photo!! 
redrocker98ta 04-01-201304-29-2013Success 282/2  
TideFanDan 12-21-201201-05-2013Success 151/11977 Topps. Great success. Thanks Charlie. 
Riggs 11-24-201212-01-2012Success 73/3signed 2 8x10's & 1 5x7. awesome return. 
bcommerce 10-22-201211-13-2012Success 221/1Sent 8x 10 photo! Signed and Inscribed HOF 96 
louiepalouie 09-03-201209-29-2012Success 261/1Signed my card in blue sharpie! Great success from a Hall of Famer! 
pktwsu99 08-29-201211-24-2012Success 871/1sent throwback mini helmet w/gold sharpie - signed beautifully with HOF, now going out to Fouts! 
cardcollector333 08-04-201208-14-2012Success 101/1sent this time a 8 x 10 to get autod,, 
BigDaddy132 07-19-201207-28-2012Success 91/1Mr. Joiner signed a 2000 Greats of the Game for me..Thank you, Mr. Joiner! 
cardcollector333 07-16-201207-28-2012Success 121/1great auto, plus he put hof 96 on it thank you mr. joiner
Riggs 07-13-201207-28-2012Success 153/3very fast return for a HOFer 
Lapo0013 05-17-201205-26-2012Success 91/1Sending another jersey card. Signed in black with hof inscription, thanks mr joiner! 
phillyboi90 05-14-201205-24-2012Success 103/3no HOF inscr 
danielisa 04-16-201204-26-2012Success 103/3quick return, nice autos on all 3 cards 
Lapo0013 03-24-201203-30-2012Success 61/11 jersey card. Signed beautifully with hof inscription! 
brosenjill 02-02-201202-13-2012Success 114/4All 4 cards signed, 1 signed w/ HOF. TY Mr Joiner. 
djauwerda 01-14-201201-23-2012Success 94/4Returned 4/4 customs. 
Yanks101536 01-01-201201-15-2012Success 142/2Sent him 2 pictures - my first TTM with no SASE and got both back signed 
bcommerce 12-21-201101-06-2012Success 165/3Sent 3 Cards and two IC received all three cards back signed asked for HOF inscription, didnt get but great sucess. 
wolfman4christ 10-18-201111-12-2011Success 251/1  
Jeremy_Falcons 10-05-201110-15-2011Success 102/2Received my cards signed
lizard-jd 09-30-201110-17-2011Success 172/2Signed both CICs - incredibly gifted WR, TY!
Csarge8 07-28-201108-08-2011Success 111/1Thanks, legend! 
brendenw 07-22-201110-16-2011Success 861/0Sent Sase+Letter+4x6 phto Date Recieved is WRONG. Did recieve signed though! 
RockiesFan33 07-09-201107-18-2011Success 91/1Signed my 8x10
RedsFanatic21 06-16-201106-25-2011Success 91/1Signed card, nice signature 
brendenw 05-31-201106-11-2011Success 111/0sent a sase+letter+Beautiful picture-Back signed beautiful inscribed HOF 96 
Jeremy_Falcons 04-29-201105-07-2011Success 81/1He signed my 4x6 photo.
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 03-30-201104-07-2011Success 83/3Signed two 8x10's and a custom.
kelvinml 02-15-201102-26-2011Success 112/2  
lambeauleap87 09-07-201009-23-2010Success 162/2Signed Both Of My Cards In Black Sharpie. 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 06-25-201007-13-2010Success 181/1Signed custom.
rimpila3 06-09-201006-20-2010Success 111/1Signed a custom 4x6 
MNsportznut 06-07-201006-18-2010Success 111/12000 gotg 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 05-05-201005-14-2010Success 91/1Signed custom.
heartchamp 04-28-201005-08-2010Success 102/2signed 2 cards in blue sharpie
RockiesFan33 04-26-201005-12-2010Success 161/1Signed my custom.
Riggs 03-22-201004-04-2010Success 133/33/3 didnt expect that.. great signer!! 
RockiesFan33 02-09-201003-04-2010Success 231/1Signed my custom.
xtra-innings 02-08-201002-17-2010Success 92/2Signed x2 HOF Canton photos
Miss Inertia 09-07-200909-24-2009Success 171/1Great Clear Sig!!
lizard-jd 08-03-200908-17-2009Success 142/22/2 CIC - very fine black sharpie. Just sig & did not add HOF (I like that!). 
Rocketman12 07-23-200908-03-2009Success 111/1 
Cmwill24 07-21-200907-29-2009Success 81/1Signed 1/1 football card.
RockiesFan33 06-15-200907-10-2009Success 251/1Signed my custom.
michelrivolta 01-20-200901-30-2009Success 101/1 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 99%    
Total number of submission on this address: 180
# of Success: 176  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 3
Instruction:Home addy.
Added by:REDANDGOLDPRIDE   Added on: 10-09-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
penny50 06-19-2021 Pending -1/0  
D.J.Williams55 06-11-202106-18-2021Success 74/44 Custom cards
Jbutch20 06-01-202106-14-2021Success 131/1w/ HOF inscription 
Carney 05-26-202106-09-2021Success 146/6Donation 
Will3119 05-18-202106-02-2021Success 152/2Signed both in blue with hall of fame inscription. 
GashouseGorillas 05-18-202106-01-2021Success 144/4signed in blue sharpie 
BlueHawk85 04-23-202105-03-2021Success 101/1Sent 79 topps with note signed in blue sharpie with hof inscription 
Stebbins25 04-16-202104-24-2021Success 83/3See My Returns On YouTube 
55hart 04-15-202105-12-2021Success 272/22 cards signed with HOF 
KCfan1306 04-08-2021 Pending -1/01 card and a letter 
amerks22 04-06-202104-16-2021Success 102/22 cards signed in blue sharpie with HOF inscription 
Scarbocollector 04-05-202104-23-2021Success 183/33 for 3 return signed nicely with HOF thank you Mr. Joiner. 
m4catky 03-04-202103-12-2021Success 83/3Sent 3 TCs and all 3 came back signed. Thank you so much Mr. Joiner! 
23jumpman 03-03-202103-20-2021Success 163/3Signed 3 cards nicely in blue 
Cmoney66 03-02-202103-12-2021Success 101/1  
rich summa 02-28-202103-12-2021Success 122/283 Topps 87 Topps 
chazeroom 02-27-202103-12-2021Success 138/8  
Jlafond1991 02-22-202103-02-2021Success 81/1Sent 1 8x10, returned signed with HOF inscription 
sttbstsmt 02-19-202103-02-2021Success 111/1I sent his 1972 Topps rookie card to be signed. He signed it in blue sharpie with his Hall of Fame inscription! Great! 
pbtank67 02-16-202103-01-2021Success 131/179T. Nicely signed in blue sharpie with HOF inscription. 
Withhillis 02-16-202102-22-2021Success 61/179 topps 
rdonohue13 02-09-202102-22-2021Success 131/1  
Bisons87 02-06-202102-26-2021Success 201/1signed with HOF in Blue, answered my questions as well 
Feldspar 02-01-202102-13-2021Success 122/2Sent 83 Topps and 82 Topps along with LOR and SASE. Received both back nicely signed with HOF 96 inscription in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Joiner! 
rdonohue13 01-28-202102-08-2021Success 114/4Signed in Blue 
Silverlake 01-26-202102-08-2021Success 132/2Signed both cards with blue ink sharpe. Thank you Mr. Joiner.
rggedglory 01-14-202101-28-2021Success 142/22 cards 
JeffFMcCormack 01-07-202101-26-2021Success 193/3I sent a 1982 Topps card, 1985 Topps card, 1987 Topps card, LOR, and SASE. Amazing success from the Chargers legend!
SG7586 01-06-202101-19-2021Success 131/1Fleer 2000 
uazips92 01-02-202101-21-2021Success 191/1  
tburton 12-14-202012-24-2020Success 103/3  
kaw316 12-02-202012-28-2020Success 261/1  
KUZ12 12-01-202012-26-2020Success 253/3  
frankm 11-24-202012-05-2020Success 112/2Signed 85 Topps base & record breaker cards. Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
Schmidty548 11-21-202012-04-2020Success 131/1Signed my 8x10 photo
Gwar5911 11-15-202012-01-2020Success 161/1  
FlyOrDieGuy1992 11-02-202011-13-2020Success 111/1Beautiful sig! Inscribed Hall of fame 96! 
norse4 11-02-202011-12-2020Success 101/1sent 1 card, SASE, and LOR/ received card back signed with HOF inscription. ttm_bros on Instagram 
sportsview 10-09-202010-17-2020Success 87/7Kindly signed all 7 items and wrote nice note of advice to our kids.
Kinglouie456 09-22-202010-02-2020Success 101/2Hopefully this address works better than the first one~~~ It did! Signed the card right where I asked him too and also signed the Index card ! Inscribed both "HOF '96" 
Esmith22collector 09-18-202009-30-2020Success 123/3  
bickel84 09-15-202009-26-2020Success 111/187 Topps...Received by card signed and inscribed with HOF 96. 
EKritzell 09-11-202010-01-2020Success 202/2Sent a rc card and 81 Topps. Both came back signed in blue w/ HOF inscription! 
Yankeenate 09-03-202009-15-2020Success 121/1Signed IC 
justindi 09-02-202009-15-2020Success 132/2Signed my custom card, and also signed the card I sent for him to keep. Inscribed "HOF 96" on both. The envelope came back unsealed but thankfully my cards didn't fall out. Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
adamd 09-02-202009-15-2020Success 131/1Signed my custom card in blue and added HOF 96. thanks Mr. Joiner 
Bballgrl1891 08-31-202009-14-2020Success 141/1  
Achilles106 08-25-202009-14-2020Success 201/1duplicate 
RedskinRussell 08-25-202009-14-2020Success 202/0Signed 81 Topps and 82 Topps IA 
Achilles106 08-25-202009-14-2020Success 201/1Sent a Panini Immortals card #'d to 999, and Charlie signed it with HOF 96 Inscription. THANK YOU CHARLIE! :D
joshcockerham 08-20-202009-17-2020Success 282/2Signed 2/2 cards 
RIFF RAFF 77 08-19-202009-14-2020Success 261/1Signed 8x10, included HOF inscription 
Dmcnama317 08-17-202008-27-2020Success 101/1Sent 1 card received it back signed Thanks Mr Joiner!! 
locly 07-28-202008-14-2020Success 171/1Ask for inscription and add it for me 
rggedglory 07-27-202008-07-2020Success 111/172T; update signed HOF 96 
rdonohue13 07-15-202007-24-2020Success 94/4Signed in Blue 
TripleTTyler50 07-14-202007-24-2020Success 101/1Sent 1 card, a 1978 Topps, received card back signed in blue sharpie and inscribed “HOF 96” 
Joeroc28 07-13-202007-23-2020Success 102/2Great signature 
Keithdfields 07-10-202007-18-2020Success 81/1Sent 1 card and donation. He added HOF inscription, awesome
JayFL 07-06-202007-18-2020Success 123/4Sent LOR, SASE, 80T, 86T and 87T. Signed all nicely in blue sharpie, one with HOF inscription. Also drew out a play on an index card! So great! 
TripleOption67 07-02-202007-14-2020Success 121/187T Record Breaker, Blue Sharpie LOR SASE, HOF inscription 
King Klong 07-02-202007-09-2020Success 71/0SASE, LOR, 1 card. Received signed in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Joiner 
Treyballautograph 06-23-202007-06-2020Success 132/2Signed 2 photos 
petetrotto 06-10-2020 Pending -1/0  
TheCajunCollected 06-01-202006-11-2020Success 103/1Signed one card but not index cards. Didn’t really care about the index cards
EHath2 05-29-202006-11-2020Success 131/12016 classics 
Barbosa79 05-29-202006-11-2020Success 132/2Great sigs.
StarrsCards 05-26-202006-06-2020Success 111/12019 Legacy
crbaughn62 05-23-202006-06-2020Success 143/3No inscription 
rdonohue13 05-19-202005-29-2020Success 102/2Signed both in Blue 
petetrotto 05-12-202005-13-2020Success 12/22 8x10's and a $20 donation
BEastlake 05-09-202005-22-2020Success 131/1He signed my GLAC. Nice!! 
Piester 05-02-202005-09-2020Success 71/1  
kellykruse23 05-01-202005-08-2020Success 72/2Asked for 2 separate personalizations on 85t RB
gfast12 04-30-202005-11-2020Success 111/1Signed 8x10 in black sharpie. HOF inscription. Thanks Mr. Joiner 
BEastlake 04-27-202005-05-2020Success 83/3Signed all 3 cards in blue sharpie! 
sydbarrett3177 04-20-202004-30-2020Success 101/11981 topps super action 
Crosscheck 04-17-202004-27-2020Success 102/2  
Brooksfamily 04-17-202004-27-2020Success 101/1  
Gizmonk 04-12-202004-23-2020Success 111/1  
jrosscp 04-10-202004-24-2020Success 141/1Great signature, thanks Mr. Joiner! Sent a Topps rookie card, SASE, and note. 
Evanfootball64 04-06-202004-24-2020Success 183/3  
Carney 04-01-202004-14-2020Success 1312/12  
Esmith22collector 03-20-202004-14-2020Success 252/2Signed both cards in blue 
sydbarrett3177 02-21-202003-09-2020Success 161/11987 topps record breaker 
Stebbins25 02-18-202003-07-2020Success 183/3(1) 4X6 Photo - (2) Blank Index Cards 
CarlosSchwindt 02-10-202002-22-2020Success 122/2Sent a card and 8x10 
jjfrick 02-10-202002-22-2020Success 122/2Thanks, Charlie! 
tonyt1957 02-06-202002-28-2020Success 222/273/76/ topps singed in blue nice sign 
NASKAT48 01-27-202002-22-2020Success 262/21981 Topps. Thank you Mr Joiner!
bigd8690 01-24-202002-27-2020Success 341/1Sent an 8x10. Received signed with HOF inscription 
kandiclipper 12-27-201901-09-2020Success 131/1Signed nicely in blue. 
kandiclipper 12-27-201901-09-2020Success 131/1  
bootzilla 12-06-201912-28-2019Success 223/3signed 3/3 cards 
TangoDelta 12-02-201912-26-2019Success 241/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1981 Topps. Signature a little smudged, but great HOF.
Ebys23 11-29-201901-03-2020Success 352/2  
MostMirror 11-09-201912-05-2019Success 261/1Sent LOR, SASE, 8x10. Inscribed "HOF 96". 
Stebbins25 10-22-201911-06-2019Success 153/1(2) 4X6 Photos - (1) Blank Index Card 
RedskinRussell 09-30-201911-08-2019Success 393/3Signed 83 Topps, 85 Topps RB and 85 Topps 
Ebys23 09-23-201910-12-2019Success 194/4  
Gyro 09-23-201910-12-2019Success 192/2Signed clearly in blue Sharpie...thanks Mr. Joiner! 
zooiiks 09-20-201910-11-2019Success 212/2Signed 2 8x10s! Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
druce26 09-09-201910-25-2019Success 461/1  
Oriolesrise 09-03-201909-16-2019Success 131/183 Topps 
dennis721 08-11-201908-21-2019Success 101/1thank you Mr.Joiner 
Tombrady123 08-07-201909-02-2019Success 261/1  
TheCardCollector5 08-02-201908-26-2019Success 241/1Signed one 4x6 picture! Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
zonino 07-27-201908-20-2019Success 242/2Great return. Cards were a little beat up and maybe got wet? 
EnSeguida 07-13-201907-20-2019Success 74/4  
Carney 07-12-201907-23-2019Success 1110/10  
Shaan317 07-05-201911-06-2019Success 1241/1  
Moxieh 07-02-201907-20-2019Success 183/33/3. Thank you. 
Coltron57 06-29-201907-20-2019Success 211/1Signed in black. 
Jawheels73 06-12-201907-01-2019Success 194/4Signed 4 cards
cangle64 06-10-201907-01-2019Success 211/180 Topps. Black sharpie. Thank you! 
Ryan2429 06-10-201907-01-2019Success 212/2  
BurkerKing 05-25-201906-18-2019Success 244/4Signed 4/4 different Chargers cards! Thanks Mr. Joiner & congrats on being in the HOF!
Calebssportscards 05-24-201906-17-2019Success 242/2TTM's for a friend
zbullsmoke 05-08-201905-28-2019Success 201/1great signature 
BoltBoy2113 04-30-201905-28-2019Success 286/6I received all six of them back signed with the 4x6 picture of him and me and the other 4x6 inscribed with “HoF 96.” Thank you so much Mr. Joiner! 
Stebbins25 04-04-201904-19-2019Success 152/12016 Classics - Blank Index Card 
bdcool77 04-03-201904-22-2019Success 191/11972 Topps 
JohnTB 03-18-201903-28-2019Success 101/1Signed a printing plate in black. 
Cardinals5528 02-09-201902-26-2019Success 171/1  
SyxxSynse 02-04-201902-19-2019Success 151/1Signed my ‘82 Topps card. Thanks, Mr. Joiner’ 
Chooch08 02-01-201902-19-2019Success 184/481,83,84 Topps, autograph card 
Aaron174386 01-11-201901-26-2019Success 155/5  
Carney 01-10-201901-26-2019Success 161/0  
CardinalsFan55 01-09-201902-09-2019Success 311/12016 Prestige Banner Season-Signed in black. Small smudge, but great HOF success 
chicagobullsjoe 12-20-201801-08-2019Success 191/1Sent 1 Card and SASE
tc123 12-14-201801-09-2019Success 261/1Sent Card 
33tmiller 12-10-201801-07-2019Success 281/1quick turnaround 8x10 great signature 
walker066 12-08-201801-07-2019Success 301/1Sent 8x10, signed with HOF. Thanks Charlie! 
heffyscards 12-01-201812-13-2018Success 123/1Sent 3 cards, Signed 1 Thanks Charlie 
Mike McK 11-26-201812-13-2018Success 174/4 
eafick 11-05-201812-01-2018Success 262/22018 panini classics, 1984 topps. Both signed in black Sharpie. Thank you very much Mr. Joiner. 
Mitchell2314 11-02-201811-09-2018Success 71/1Sent 1 card. (1-2000 Fleer) Signed in blue sharpie 
Donhutson 10-05-201811-19-2018Success 452/2  
rohdefamily 10-01-201810-22-2018Success 211/1Nice! Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
Patgrealish 09-23-201810-23-2018Success 301/1SASE 
Wolverine 09-20-201810-22-2018Success 322/2LOR, SASE, and 2 cards. Returned both cards signed in blue.
BDS 09-05-201809-27-2018Success 221/1Signed 2005 Upper Deck with HOF inscription in blue...legend! 
Lapo0013 09-03-201809-29-2018Success 261/1Sent an IC for project. Returned signed in blue with HOF inscription 
Ky1603 08-28-201809-28-2018Success 311/12017 Classics 
StarrsCards 08-27-201809-27-2018Success 311/1Sent a 2018 Classics and received it back signed in blue with “HOF 96” inscription.
Vick1jj 08-25-201809-27-2018Success 331/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 2016 Panini Prestige, received back in blue sharpie with HOF 96 inscribed 
heffyscards 08-22-201809-04-2018Success 131/1Signed 1 card ,Thanks Carlie! 
heffyscards 08-22-201809-04-2018Success 131/1Signed 1 card ,Thanks Carlie! 
midnightoyl 08-08-201808-23-2018Success 152/2  
Natecool00 08-02-201808-19-2018Success 172/2awesome success two cards signed in blue! 
Pattyice 07-31-201808-18-2018Success 182/2  
chcards9 07-28-201808-23-2018Success 261/1  
steelerfan23 06-15-201806-23-2018Success 82/2Sent 1 from '17 Classics and an index card. Received '17 classics signed, returned index card unsigned 
Tbird21 05-29-201808-02-2018Success 651/1sase 
twinsfan83 05-04-201808-02-2018Success 901/11982 Topps 
haynmay 05-04-201808-03-2018Success 913/3  
RedskinRussell 03-26-201804-10-2018Success 153/3Signed 84 Topps, 86 Topps, 87 Topps and answered questions. 
bronxbomber33 02-13-201803-16-2018Success 303/31979, 82 topps, 2016 classics 
danb 09-28-201710-10-2017Failure 122/0Sent back both cards unsigned DO NOT SEND TO THIS ADDRESS!!!!!!! 
Boinks 09-13-201709-23-2017Success 101/1 
Wyattket88 08-28-201710-10-2017Success 431/1He signed 1 2017 Classics in black 
Lightning88 08-02-201709-08-2017Success 374/4Sent 4 cards from The Netherlands,Europe... 
quickstraw 07-12-201708-11-2017Success 301/1Sent 8 x 10 & $10. ... Received signed and added HOF inscription as requested. 
Baumans916 05-09-201705-20-2017Success 112/2Sent 83 topps and autograph card w SASE. 
Calebssportscards 01-20-201702-18-2017Success 291/14 x 6 photo 
zooiiks 12-09-201601-07-2017Success 291/1Sent gold sharpie, but still signed in black. Ah well. Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
austeve8 11-30-201612-12-2016Success 124/4Sent four cards and all four came back signed 
teetime354 11-03-201611-18-2016Success 154/4Sent 4 cards and blue sharpie. Received all 4 signed, but did not return the sharpie as requested. Quick return. Happy for this one as I got a return to sender on previous try. 
xtra-innings 07-15-201607-23-2016Success 83/3x3 cards
Philly4Life 06-07-201607-07-2016Success 301/1Sent Chargers Mini Helmet, LOR, SASE and asked for an inscription. Got it back signed with inscription as asked! 
xtra-innings 05-01-201605-17-2016Success 164/4x4 photos
Ebys23 04-13-201605-13-2016Success 301/182 Topps- signed in blue 
NotreDame 02-01-201603-01-2016Success 291/1Sent 8x10. Thanks Mr. Joiner! 
Royals1982 12-31-201502-01-2016Success 322/2signed 2 cards. 
BSRice 11-13-201511-20-2015Success 73/3 
TalleyHog34 10-17-201510-31-2015Success 141/1Sent LOR with SASE and card. Looks really good! Thank you mr. Joiner! 
docgallie 10-15-201510-31-2015Success 165/5  
bigscoop13 09-28-201511-20-2015Success 536/6Got 2 cards & four 4X6 pictures signed in blue sharpie. Can't remember which address I sent it to but it took a while. May have been business address. Happy to have it back though.Thanks Mr. Joiner 
frazier114 09-23-201510-30-2015Success 374/4sent 1 80 topps cards and 3 4x6 pictures and got all 4 back signed awesome auto
xtra-innings 09-15-201510-02-2015Success 173/3x3 photos
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Instruction:c/o San Diego Chargers
Added by:SportsAholic101   Added on: 08-11-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
SportsAholic101 07-26-201208-11-2012Success 162/2signed two index cards both with "HOF 96" inscription 
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
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Added by:Panthermatt   Added on: 09-02-2018
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