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George W. Bush Addresses Report   Sport: Non sport

Player overall success: 91%

   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 94%    
Total number of submission on this address: 58
# of Success: 47  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 8
Added by:skinsfan0521   Added on: 05-10-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Patgrealish 10-20-201812-10-2018Success 511/1  
Baldones 08-14-2018 Failure -0/0Asking for two signed 8 by 10's of throwing the 1st pitch at 9-11 game. NOPE 
rams5456 07-13-201807-30-2018Success 171/1sent a 4x6, received personalized 8x10, including the SASE and a letter; thank you Mr. President 
Yankees1313 05-10-2018 Success -1/1  
card openings 03-24-201804-07-2018Success 141/1sent an index card. Returned my sase and sent a signed photo that is definitely really signed! Thanks George W! 
JeremyS 03-05-201803-17-2018Success 121/08x10, SASE and LOR...returned my photo with a standard letter and different signed (and personalized) 8x10, looks AP
Fatboy1972 11-25-201712-11-2017Success 161/1Didn't sign the picture I sent but got an 8x10 in return. Still happy. 
CelciusII 03-23-201604-25-2016Success 331/1Didn't sign my baseball card but included a signed photo of him throwing out the first pitch after 9/11 
wade338 03-12-201603-24-2016Success 120/22 signed photos both clearly different not an AP or PP 
Sryankee99 01-16-201602-11-2016Success 262/1'personalized' AP 
bigscoop13 01-15-201602-15-2016Success 310/1Got a nice 8X10 but I'm pretty sure it is either PP or auto pen 
Royals1982 09-04-201509-28-2015Success 241/1sent 1 4x6 and got back 1 autopen 8x10. Still a success. 
NYYanks2016 05-23-201506-15-2015Success 232/1Sent two ginters, returned a signed picture of him throwing out the first pitch of the World Series! An awesome success! 
mattweinrich 03-01-2015 Pending -0/0sent lor 
jjngolf 02-07-201502-17-2015Success 101/1Received "personalized" 8x10 
mrREALiTi 02-03-201502-16-2015Failure 131/1autopen 
p819 01-26-201502-20-2016Success 3901/2Sent 1 8x10 of him in a Reds jacket, received a signed 8x10 of him after 9/11. Very honored. 
cls13smith 11-01-201411-14-2014Success 131/1Sent back personalized 8x10 photo. 
Pedroia15TheBest 10-14-201410-27-2014Success 131/1Sent back signed photo 
PhyteGuru 01-06-201403-14-2015Success 4321/1Received autopen signed 8x10. 
Baseball Guru 44 10-22-201311-04-2013Success 130/1Sent LOR, received signed 8X10 
gacards0508 09-28-201310-15-2013Success 171/1Sent 1 card. got it back unsigned, but received personalized 8 X 10 photo 
CardPro77 09-13-201309-25-2013Success 120/1Personalized and clearly authentic 
JPP 08-15-201309-10-2013Success 260/1Received signed photo 
JoshGman31 07-29-201308-05-2013Success 70/1Got a personalized photo like all of the others 
yugiohlovernick 06-26-201307-24-2013Success 281/1I Sent 1 Card And Got It Back Unsigned But I Did Get A Signed 8x10 Personalized To Me And It Looks Authentic 
weezyfresh32 05-20-2013 Pending -0/0sent LOR 
collector41 04-01-201304-15-2013Success 141/1sent IC to be signed but instead he sent back a 8 x 10 personalized to me 
Csarge8 03-16-201303-29-2013Success 130/22 authentic autographed photos, NOT Autopenned 
jimmyf21 12-20-201201-12-2013Success 230/1Mailed a SASE and a note requesting a photo of the President and First Lady autograph and received photo autographed Thank you Mr. President and First Lady 
jace44 12-14-2012 Pending -0/0  
Baseball45 12-02-201212-24-2012Success 221/1Sent letter, and requested a autograph. Got back a PP picture of Bush throwing out the first pitch. Thanks Mr. Bush! 
dudeidontcare 10-23-201211-07-2012Success 150/1Sent LoR and recieved a signed 8x10, might be PP but Idk it looks like it could be authentic
cava11aro 10-17-2012 Pending -0/0sent LOR 
treywilson757 10-16-2012 Pending -0/0  
pukinpr 08-31-201210-15-2012Success 450/1Tried email but it refered me to this address, with success. Bookplate. 
Colts15 08-31-201210-15-2012Success 450/1Sent request for 2x bookplates signed or anything else signed. Hoping for the best!...awesome! got back a book plate signed with COA! Great success from a great president! 
cosanostra78 08-08-201208-20-2012Success 120/1 
Tibbs11 07-16-2012 Pending -1/0  
Thefon19 06-10-201206-25-2012Success 151/1Sent a letter requesting a autograph with some stamps. Hope to get a signed photo soon but received a bookplate 
Eddie_2 05-31-201206-25-2012Success 250/1I requested one of his signed bookplates and he sent me one in 26 days. Very nice to get an autograph from a former American President. 
moo5100 05-29-2012 Pending -0/0Sent SASE asking for Booklet 
Csarge8 05-25-201206-26-2012Success 320/1Signed bookplate, authentic. 
tmwight 05-10-201205-24-2012Success 141/0Sent SASE. Received the bookplate. Fast turn around. 
harrison81 04-23-201204-30-2012Success 70/1Sent a LOR with a SASE and received a signed bookplate. Very fast response 
Jeremy_Falcons 03-08-201203-26-2012Success 180/1Very nice success
milwaukeeinohnine 03-05-201203-27-2012Success 220/1Sent an LOR to this addy after email his office. Got a nice bookplate and thank you card back. Pretty cool even if I never voted for him. 
mike0923 03-05-201203-13-2012Success 80/1Sent LOR With SASE and recieved signed bookplate! 
Yanks101536 03-01-201204-09-2012Success 390/0Sent a note and bookplate 
Mattsecre 02-29-201202-28-2012Pending -10/0Sent LOR for a signed bookplate. 
RichSlyFox14 02-21-201203-03-2012Success 110/1received signed bookplate as requested! awesome! 
johnweb83 02-03-201202-27-2012Success 240/1Wrote a letter requesting a signed bookplate...hope they are still doing this.....Received 1 signed bookplate today...AWESOME...Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/user/johnweb83?feature=mhee 
coronado2010 01-10-201201-21-2012Success 110/1asked him for one of his signed book plates...hopefully he still has some/ sent me a book plate...awesome and fast success 
juflo331 12-22-201101-09-2012Success 180/1sent me a bookplate: see all my ttm success at: http://www.youtube.com/user/juflo331 
marxcaleb 12-01-201112-10-2011Success 90/1Asked him if he can sign 2 of his own bookplates because that is the only thing that he would sign, got it back and it looks awesome! 
NewYork77 04-20-201105-01-2011Success 112/1Didnt sign my cards but sent an 8x10. Probably autopen. Not sure 
SteakNchop 01-05-201101-29-2011Success 241/1Sent me a signed photo! 
skinsfan0521 05-10-201005-27-2010Failure 171/0Sent LOR, SASE & 8x10. Requested that if it can't be personally signed, please send back unsigned. --- Received my itme back unsigned and got an autopen 8x10 in my SASE 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 89%    
Total number of submission on this address: 71
# of Success: 51  # of Failed: 6  # of Pending: 14
Added by:bebecerveza   Added on: 04-15-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
pmc14 12-15-2018 Pending -0/0  
Piester 10-07-201811-13-2018Success 371/1  
scoot51015 09-13-2018 Pending -1/0  
steelerfan23 08-21-2018 Pending -0/0Sent email request. 
LSwens 08-08-201808-20-2018Success 120/1Sent email... Recived signed and personalized 8X10 in the mail today. Thanks Mr. Bush! 
EricTheHoarder 08-04-2018 Pending -0/0  
codysmith1997 03-16-201803-24-2018Success 80/1Great picture that was signed by him! Thanks President Bush!! 
DaveS 03-04-2018 Pending -0/0  
anthonyhale 12-20-2017 Pending -0/0We'll see what happens with this! 
cec711cec 12-12-2017 Pending -1/0estimating time sent but sent email so we shall see 
Czr073 10-02-201710-18-2017Success 160/1  
mike1990 08-01-201708-14-2017Success 130/1Received auto-pen signed photo of President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush 
nfonzi 06-24-2017 Pending -0/0sent email. really hoping to get something! 
chrishooker9 04-11-201706-04-2017Success 540/1Sent back a signed photo 
emc23 02-22-201703-06-2017Success 120/1  
urbanlegenduf1 01-23-2017 Success -0/0Autopen 
Steelersfan7 01-02-2017 Pending -0/0  
dvsantan 12-23-201601-30-2017Success 380/1Judging by the difference in the G on mine and others that were posted I'd say it's real
Autographs 12-20-2016 Pending -0/0  
BASEBALLCOLECTOR 12-03-201612-19-2016Success 160/1Sent email received signed photo which seems to be legit, personalized with first and last name 
Jkorr42084 11-30-201612-17-2016Success 171/1  
1908to2016RIP 11-25-201602-18-2017Success 850/1Sent email request 
wongcastle 11-21-201612-20-2016Success 290/1received personalized signed color 8x10
Fastball627 11-17-201612-17-2016Success 300/1Received picture of '01 WS first pitch with my name printed. Doesn't look like autopen signature 
jrona7 11-07-201611-27-2016Success 200/1Sent an email 
chrishooker9 10-08-201611-07-2016Success 300/1Got personalized 8x10 signed. Definitely not autopen! 
buddyg13 09-03-201609-19-2016Success 160/0Sent email received photo signed (auto pen I'm sure) 
patrick34 08-23-201608-29-2016Success 60/1Sent email, got back personalized signed photo 
fish02 06-24-201607-18-2016Success 240/1Received signed picture made out to me. Looks legit. Thank you George! 
Ryanmillerfan30 06-21-2016 Pending -0/0Sent request asking for autograph, hoping for a book plate 
eaglesrock55 03-23-201604-26-2016Success 340/1Autopen 
ageraci 03-19-201604-02-2016Success 140/1Auto pen or pp picture of him throwing out first pitch. still a great success though 
sportsnut16ca 03-06-201603-18-2016Success 120/0Personalized Pic 
gojacks 02-11-201602-22-2016Success 110/1looks real 
EKritzell 01-22-201602-08-2016Success 170/1Sent an email request. Got a picture, probably Autopen
Hobey21 01-22-201602-08-2016Success 170/1Sent me a signed color 8x10! Great success from a great guy! Thank you Mr. Bush! 17 Days! Possible autopen or secretarial but looks good to me! 
handifan2010 01-21-201602-08-2016Success 180/2sent an email asking for 2 autographed photos got 2 pictures back one made out to me and the other was just signed. 
Varner67 01-01-201601-21-2017Success 3860/1  
bigbenjobu 12-10-201501-19-2016Success 400/1Sent an e-mail and received a signed photo
leam1098 08-12-201509-02-2015Success 210/1  
biggsy2323 07-18-201507-27-2015Success 90/18x10 
kdthird3 07-08-201507-27-2015Success 190/1  
tc8107 05-23-201507-09-2015Success 470/1Recieved personalized 8X10 signed in black sharpie for my son wounded in afganistan....Thank you Mr President 
primetime27 01-15-201501-28-2015Failure 130/0Received a color personalized 8 x 10 picture with a pre-printed or autopen signature. 
Outdoors29 12-06-201401-20-2015Success 450/11 signed and personalized 8x10 
23jumpman 10-29-201411-18-2014Success 200/1got autographed pic. I believe it is autopen 
Foss32 09-02-201410-14-2014Success 420/1Personalized Picture. Awesome! Signature looks legit 
jbabb11 07-07-201407-31-2014Success 240/1Received personalized 8x10 signed in black sharpie. Not sure if it is autopen or not, but cool nonetheless! 
pwmullen3 06-12-201407-08-2014Success 260/3  
bryson120 06-04-201407-05-2014Success 310/1Got a photo autographed and even had the golden seal on the front of the envelope, and on the 100% Signed and proven legit photo my name was typed 
freezeover98 04-22-201405-13-2014Success 210/18x10 that has my name printed on it. Different signature than photos below, 100% authentic. 
chitownautos 02-27-201403-17-2014Success 180/18x10 Autographed Photo (Autopen/Personalized)...18 Days 
primetime27 12-30-201203-19-2014Failure 4440/102/22/14 Sent another request. 03/19/14 Received color 8 x 10 picture with a pre-printed/autopen autograph. 
goaliem26 10-25-201211-09-2012Success 150/1sent e-mail, and received a personalized signed photo. Picture is the same as a few posts under mine...it's 100% autopem 
pukinpr 08-26-201208-28-2012Failure 20/0Same E-Mail saying to send SASE to PO Box 
antoine38 08-16-201208-31-2012Success 150/1Signed 8x10, Very Nice
cosanostra78 08-07-201208-08-2012Failure 10/0Received reply asking to mail in request. 
biggsy2323 08-05-201208-16-2012Success 110/1Didn't get a signed book plate but I did get a legit 8x10 signed by him. 
asianfurry33 07-28-201208-08-2012Success 110/1Got a signed book plate w/ coa 
Csarge8 05-01-2012 Pending -0/0  
primetime27 04-16-201204-17-2012Failure 10/0Requested signed picture and bookplate..04/17/12 got response asking to send request for the bookplate by the mail and I wrote back by email asking for an autographed picture . 
oriolefan123 03-07-2012 Pending -0/0Requested a name plate for my decision point book 
Csarge8 03-06-201204-09-2012Success 340/18x10, no bookplate 
Pmurdick25 03-06-2012 Pending -0/0Sent email requesting a signed bookplate... 
jmatwin 03-04-201202-08-2012Success -250/1Bookplate! 
mattthebat44 02-25-201203-05-2012Success 90/1Requested a signed bookplate. Got one back today!!! 
awz50 09-03-201109-17-2009Success -7160/1Pre-Print 8x10 
wongcastle 04-15-201105-04-2011Failure 190/0duplicate posting
wongcastle 04-15-201105-04-2011Success 190/1received pre-print color 8x10
bebecerveza 03-24-201104-15-2011Success 220/1nice picture made out to my son
RIFF RAFF 77 11/21/1812/10/18Success 190/1Email request, received autographed 8x10! 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 50%    
Total number of submission on this address: 4
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 2
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 08-18-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
DaveS 03-04-2018 Pending -0/0  
primetime27 12-27-2015 Pending -0/0  
Ebys23 02-20-201503-19-2015Failure 270/1autopen 
Hamyjunior 04-14-201404-18-2014Success 40/1Was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this arrived! not an actual signature, but a personalized photo sent! Nice collectible Presidential Piece...