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How to search for a given player / celebrity

When you are searching for a given player like: (Hockey) Patrick Roy. Just under the sports tab you have a player name search. Enter patrick as first name, Roy as last name and make sure you have hockey selected in the sport combo select box

Then since we have it in the database, it will bring you to his address page directly but let say you only enter Roy as a last name it will pull a list of player that have these three letter following in their name:

As you can see, this search returned 10 names in hcokey that have roy in their last name. Note also that under their name, you will have some statistics. Let take Patrick roy for example. Roy, Patrick *15* 77% (17). The *15* will be there with star before and after only if had a success in the past year.

The legend goes like this:
Stars Legend:
Green star(*5*) between 0-30 days, Gold star(*28*) between 31-90 days, red star(*78*) between 91-182 days, pink star(*324*) between 183-365 days If more the 365 days it will no show any days information. Next is the player success percentage followed by the number of successes in parentheses.

When you click on the name, you get to the player's page. You can also search team directly using the Team Fan Pack link.

A other way to search player and at time you don't want a specific player but a good signer. Then click on the left menu: Player list
on this page, you navigate by selecting the first letter of a player's last name. let's start here wit hockey, letter A. By default it will list last name acending. But you can also click on the column header name and it will sort the letter A list by most recent receive date, best percentage or number of successes. It's a way to see who is active and who is not.

we have this legend with color coding:
To sort the result by columns, click in the header on the title.
Days Legend: Green 0-30, Gold 31-90, red 91-182, pink 183-365
Percentage Legend: Green 90-100 Gold 70-89, red 50-69, pink 30-49
# Of Success Legend: Green 50+ Gold 30-49, red 20-29, pink 10-19

Now let see what it's looking like. Note you have the letter menu on top and on the bottom of the page to select a other letter. Within a sport, you will keep the current sorting. Like here on the image it's sorted by number of successes descending. You can see the color coding that work in similar fashion. Green being the best, gold second best, red less better, pink even lower and black is not good really.

Next tutorial: Adding new players/celebrities, addresses and subbmission