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How to add a players/celebrities, addresses or submissions

Only log in members can add players, addresses and submissions:

How to add a player or a celebrity

To add a player or a celebrity use the link on the left menu in the action menu: Add Player.
Then enter the first and last anem of the person. Then either select the sport for players or Non Sport for a celebrity and click the: Add a player button.

How to add a address

You will then be redirected to the player/person page. From there or when searching a plyer like explained in the previous tutorial, you can go down on the page at the end of all the player addresses and submissions, you will see a button with: Add a new address for [player's name].

click on it and it and it will bring the address form. Now every fields with a red star, it's a mandatory field and you need to have text in it. fill in each fields and if you have specific instruction make sure to write them. Then submit the new address.

How to add a submission

Once this is done you can then add your own submission. Find a player and once on a player's page, under the address you wish to send your submission, click on the: add a ttm submission button

Mainly submission is the tracking entry for the letter you are sending and later you can use the My TTM Report to find it and set it as a success or failure by changing the result from pending to failure or succes and by setting the item receive to zero or the number of items received along with the receive date. So normally a new submission open with the result as pending. So all you need to set is the date sent and the number of item(s) sent. Now for date, as soon as you put your cursor in the date box, a calandar picker will appear for easy date selection.

The date format need to be mm-dd-yyyy or 12-31-2016. But the calandar picker will do it right for you. You can also upload a image. We now have new specification for images

Image upload requirement:
File type accepted: gif, jpg, jpeg and png
Maximum file size: 2048 Kb (2 Mg)
Maximum image width = 2048 pixels
Maximum image height = 2048 pixels

All image will be resized to 1024 pixels maximum by our application, unless they are smaller to make it easier to view them.

If the upload fail check these values and try again.

Hint: If you upload a newer image over the older image,
refresh your browser to see the new image.

Now let's take a look at the submission form. First the player'sname, the sport and the address are already selected since you click under the address you want to mail it. Now some players have many address. If you made a mistake it's still time to change it to the other address. They will all list in the address combo box. Just select the right one. Then when you click on the date mailed feild the calandar date picker appear with the current date highlighted in pale yellow. Just click on the date needed and you can use the month and year select box on top to change to a other month/year. Then add the number of item sent and click the: Submit your report button.

Later on you can go on the player's page or on My TTM report and edit the submission to reflect failure or success, number of item received and upload a image. Once set to success or failure, you can still edit the submission. Let's say you set it as a failure after six month but you finally receive something then you can change it to success and upload a image. Just make sure to update the received date to reflect the change of status.

To upload a image click on the button on the right of "Signed Image:".

Depending on the browser,
IE and Edge will have a gray out box with a button at the end saying "Browse..." but also use the language of your OS for the text part
Chrome, Safari and FireFox will say "Choose a file" on a button with the text after : no file chosen or the actual file name you have just selected before submiting the form.
Opera say "Browse a file" on a button with the text after : no file chosen but also use the language of your OS for the text part

The hit the "Subbmit your report button to upload the image and save any other change to the submission. You will then be redirected to the player's page.

If the image upload fail it will remain on the form and you should get a message in red indicating the reason on why the upload did fail.

If you wish to delete a uploaded image, select the "Delete this image" check box and submit the form. You can always upload a new image over a older image. But everytime you upload a image for the submission, that you deleted it prior to the upload or upload it over the older one, remember that your browser will most probably retain the older version of the image from your local web browser cache. Either press F5 Key or empty your browser's cache. You can goole it with your browser name to find out how you can empty it.

Next tutorial: Reporting Issues to the TTM team