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Thread: bamlinden customs

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    Those backplate cards are sweet, I would love to see any more if you make some more.
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    Thanks for sharing those sketch cards!! They are awesome....something my little guy and I can do together.

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    Love those back plate cards! You really do nice work!

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    Wow, those are incredible. Great little personal touch having your boy helping, too :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stop__dreaming View Post
    Wow, those are incredible. Great little personal touch having your boy helping, too :)
    The moment I discovered Star Wars sketch cards, I thought of my nephew. I thought it would be a great way to spend some good one-on-one time and introduce him to a hobby that I really enjoy.

    It was such a simple thing to do.....but it was just so 'hugely' cool to do.

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    You have some great stuff in here! I am a huge fan of the ticket stub card you did of the Beatles! That golf set was just sick! I have no talent for this stuff, but really enjoyed your submissions. I noticed you stated that you may be sending some out for TTM. I am dropping a website here that might help with a few addresses for your Star Wars stuff:
    Please do share your successes with us. Many of those addresses have not been added into the TTM Database and I would love to see how a member would do with them. Thanks again for sharing!
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    love the ultimate masks! great design!

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    It has been way too long since I have made some custom cut autos. I finally finished a couple over the past week.

    I really like the way the Ullman turned out. The colors worked completely for me.

    The Mahovlich was a bit tougher since the auto went right to the edges (so I had to go borderless for part of the card). Plus, the way the signature was on the paper, I had to add a small scrap piece to fill the auto area. Works for me (and looks better in person than the scan).

    Thanks for the look. :)

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    awesome freaking cards, I love the Norm Ulman card!

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