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Thread: Member Photo Thread

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    Cool thread, well heres my ugly mug for those of ya who aint seen me before. Sorry about the quality, its all I have currently.
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    I collect Alabama Alumni in all sports concentrating on Dont'a Hightower, I also look for Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics for my Wife's collection.

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    This is me, President Bush, and Santa.
    I collect vintage hockey, mostly

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    Wow Haybierman knows Saint Nick!!!!!!
    Can you put in a good word for me?
    I collect Alabama Alumni in all sports concentrating on Dont'a Hightower, I also look for Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics for my Wife's collection.

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    U got it bro... santa promises a case of 05 Sp Authentic this Xmas
    I collect vintage hockey, mostly

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    Quote Originally Posted by SingleDaddyof2
    My 2 kids and I (Aug. '02) on our way to Catalina Island (luckily, there's no hurricanes in our picture, lol)..
    Ok, SingleDaddyof2. Now I'll recognize you if we ever hit up a card show in SoCal...
    - Andy

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    yeah thats me on the friend Erin is on the right...don't ask - it was a long night after one of the performances of our spring musical last year,it was like 11:30 at night,and we were just acting lunch a bunch of idiots while at Applebees...
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    Heres myself on an older picture... Odd thing is, I havnt changed much since my Sophomore year in HS :)


    Second picture is going to be me in 5 years after I get sick of these blasted machines

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    Very nice looking group of folks here!!

    Jay, you look about how I pictured you...less hair

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    The only pics I could find of me online right now are from the 2004 Raw Deal World Championships in NYC last year. Once my Mom scans some of me with Lita and Jane, i'll get them up somewhere.

    The great dinner we had at Carmine's the night before. Also in the pic are Raw Deal Co-Creator Barron VanGor Toth (yes, that's his birth name) and 2004 Raw Deal World Champion Wes Victory (bottom)

    Me playing against fellow PA player Rob Drexler.

    The Draft Table.

    Me playing against UK Powerhouse David Grundy with my trademark Kendo Stick on the table under my jacket.

    Only difference between then and now is I got my hair cut in January of 05 so it's not nearly as long as it used to be.
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    Well... here is a picture of me that is about 1.5 years old!!! As of now... im 6'1" and about 185 Of Pure lean muscle!!! :new_Eyecr

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