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    [Video] How does the images upload CC payout promotion work

    SCF started a promotion when we went live in August 2010 with SCF Inventory. This is also valid is you test uploading image in the store as well.

    The idea is to collect one image of each card and store it in SCF datbase to show user what the card look like. This promotion is valid until the Owner decide to change it or stop it. It will be paid on the end of each month for the images that were validated, 0,5 CC per valid image.

    Fisrt if you upload the wrong image and we delete it it will not pay you. If you uploaded the image and it did not fit the standards we ask it will get deleted, not your image but the copy we made for the databse along with your entry that we keep oon each image upload.

    If the staff validate the image then you get paid.

    How do we do it, check this video and you will see the staff module we use to manage it and I explain more on every thing.

    You need a flash player plugin to view the video and speaker to hear my voice and the sounf of my aquarium inthe background.

    Let it load then when the arrow appear click on it to start the video. It's less then 10 Mg.

    To resume we pay 0,5 per image we validated, paid at the end of each month as long as this promotion will last. No plan to stop it any time soon, this is why I automated the payments and report along with the validation staff tool to validate the images.

    Good Uploading !!!
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    Very nicely done and well explained. Also thanks for the shoutout !! Plenty more scans are coming !!


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    Seems good. Guess I better start uploading.

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    Yes it is still going... so keep those images coming !!!


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    The promotion has not stop since we started it.
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    I've been slowly uploading images of my cards for a few months now. I've noticed the addition of Card Cash to my account periodically as well.
    I do have a question, and I think what I've noticed is I won't get CC for images uploaded to cards designated to my PC inventory. I have only been getting credited for those in my regular inventory.
    So do SCF members get CC for images uploaded to inventory, whether in PC or regular? Or is CC only given for images uploaded to inventory not designated PC?

    If the answer is any images uploaded can I have a request put in to receive CC for the images in my PC? I know y'all do this on your own time out and because you're awesome, So no rush!
    Thanks for hosting this great site!

    Edit: If I'm misreading my problem I appoligize for bugging the Tech guys.
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    when you upload a image, that it be in the inventory, PC or trader, or in the storefront. we pay you 0,5 CC only if we do not have a copy of this image in the main card image archive we build called the OPG card image archive. Mainly before you had a entry in the inventory. if you see a sample of a image (when the back is yellow not blue as blue is for card you have) then you WILL NOT get the CC. So if you upload A Carey Price The Cup RC and we already have a copy, you get nothing. If we don't then you get the 0,5 CC. Nothing to do with treader or PC but all to do with the site card image archive.
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