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    does it matter if we upload a picture of a graded card, or do we need to crop out the graded card slab?


    My first card I have put in my inventory. Would this be acceptable or do I need to crop out the slab.
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    For your inventory, the card will not be affected but technically it should not be accepted in the main image library because we see way to much outside the card. There is no interest for the image library to see the grades. . The crop can be a bit larger then the card but when you scan the whole case it's just too much not part of the card itself. If the person that validate the card do it's job, it will delete the copy made. So yes better to cop only the card if you want the CC. The goal of the archive is to show only the card istself in the best scan possible. Like some take images and often crooked and these often will fail validation.
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    thanks for the reply, i'll start cropping the slabs out :)

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