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Thread: Ryeinc's TTM Success Thread

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    Received a very nice success today in 10 days from a very successful politician, Mr. Walter F. Mondale. He was originally a Senator from Minnesota, became Jimmy Carter's Vice President in 1976 and also ran for President himself as the Democratic nominee in 1984. I e-mailed his assistant and asked if I could send my "Re-elect Carter/Mondale" bumper sticker I bought in Plains, Georgia the day I met President Carter and she said that it would be fine! Like I said it took only 10 days, thanks Mr. Mondale!

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    Talked to my Dad last week and asked him when the last time he voted, since he doesn't anymore.. Answer was 1984 for Walter Mondale! haha cool success man!
    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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