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    If the Tigers continue what they did last year, players are only allowed to sign cards and the team will return all other items unsigned (except the charity $ guys). I know they did that during the season, not sure about ST.
    Zack, the Detroit Tigers & TTM/IP autograph collector
    I don't check here often, so PM me if you can't wait.

    I DO NOT support the Panini/new Donruss company and am not interested in there cards.
    Please refrain from offering those in trades with me

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    yeah ive had bad results sending photos TTM, I only do cards anymore.

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    Updated...sent more out on Friday. Total list is now...

    Koji Uehara
    Roy Halladay
    Jeremy Guthrie
    Ben Zobrist
    Brandon Snyder
    Nyjer Morgan
    Juan Samuel
    Elvis Andrus
    Andrew McCutchen
    Pat Neshek
    Andre Ethier
    Greg Dobbs
    Aaron Hill

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    Clayton Kershaw
    Heath Bell
    Matt Cain
    Zack Greinke
    Shaun Marcum
    David Price
    Adam Jones
    Elvis Andrus
    Dan Hudson
    Drew Storen
    Neftali Feliz
    Matt Wieters
    Buster Posey (pipedream, but I wrote him a long, personal letter)
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Chone Figgins
    CC Sabathia
    Tony Perez
    Chris Coghlan
    Drew Stubbs
    Jay Bruce
    Jim Thome <3 <3 All-Time favorite player
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Cliff Lee

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    sent out to Buerhle today, got Jose Bautista, Torii Hunter, and Mike McCoy going out tomorrow.
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    yeah ive had bad results sending photos TTM, I only do cards anymore.
    Bad results sending 8x10s? Maybe you forgot to add a piece of cardboard or something?

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    I don't have the time nor money for cards, so the only thing I ever send are 4x6 photos. They look great and haven't had any issues with them. Good luck to you, you have a nice list going. From you list I have gotten back from Flowers and Scherzer on...I know, ironic, but cards (the only 2 I've ever sent). I have Nathan on a 4x6. He is a great one to get. Barring his injury last season, he was one of the best closers of the last decade. Hamilton I've sent to also...he usually responds around the holidays and I hate to say it, but I never got mine back. That kind of blows, but I sent it to a different address that only a few got back from.

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    sent out to Jose Bautista and Torii Hunter today, the mail man came right as i finished my letters to Brandon Phillips, Mike McCoy, and Chone Figgins
    ​Starting an Ian Desmond collection, any help is appreciated!

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