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Thread: The Outbox

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    The Outbox

    Feel free to post your outgoing requests here!

    Here's what's gone out for me in the last couple days (all customs):

    Jim Gaffigan - via venue (VV)
    Brian Cox - VV
    Raquel Welch
    Lee Majors
    Ashley Benson
    Ed Hochuli
    Ernest Givins
    Chris Hanburger
    Lynda Carter
    Rashida Jones
    Idina Menzel
    Stephen Furst
    Jack McBrayer
    Brad Johnson
    Ricky Stanzi
    Alex O'Loughlin
    Val Heim
    Jose Zardon
    Joan Crawford (HOFer, not the actress)
    Danielle Panabaker
    Zachary Levi
    Yvonne Strahovski
    Betty White
    Helena Mattsson
    Raymond J Barry
    Jill Wagner
    Abby Elliott
    Brittney Griner
    Pokey Reese
    Travis Lee
    Billy Shaw
    Dustin Ackley
    Larry Walker
    Clyde Parris

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    Recent mailings..

    Joe Dumars - 2/16
    Phil Simms - 2/20
    Willie Roaf - 2/23
    Carlos Silva - 2/23
    Ryan Dempster - 2/23
    Thomas Diamond - 2/23
    Dustin Ackley - 2/23
    Nyjer Morgan - 2/23
    Mat Latos - 2/23
    Adam Jones - 2/23
    Matt Wieters - 2/23
    Vlad Guerrero - 2/23
    Darwin Barney - 3/3
    Bobby Scales - 3/3
    Pat Neshek - 3/3
    Michael Cuddyer - 3/3
    Peter Bourjos - 3/3
    Gary Payton - 3/3
    Bob St. Clair - 3/3
    Art Donovan - 3/4
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    ST only:

    Roy Halladay....2/9
    Jeremy Guthrie.....2/9
    Ben Zobrist.....2/11
    Brandon Sydner....2/11
    Juan Samuel.......2/14
    Elvis Andrus.......2/14
    Andre Ethier........2/14
    Aaron Hill...........2/14
    Gregg Dobbs........2/14
    Andrew McCutchen...2/14
    Andrew Bailey.....2/23
    Don Wakamatsu....2/23


    Ray Lankford.......2/2
    Fernando Valenzuela......2/2
    Chuck Bednarik.............2/4
    Reggie Miller...........2/18
    Geoff Jenkins...........2/19
    Matt Carle...............3/2
    Jeremy Roenick..........3/2

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    My quest to get every living '69 Met.

    -Jack DiLauro
    -J.C. Martin
    -Ken Boswell
    -Jerry Koosman

    -Art Shamsky
    -Yogi Berra

    Assuming I get all of those back, I will have every living winner of the 1969 World Series except for Jim McAndrew
    "The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even know existed" -Casey Stengel
    Let's go: Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers/Wild/Chelsea/Rutgers
    Autographs of Larry Walker, Yadier Molina, Jason Simontacchi, and So Taguchi Wanted!
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    We should sticky this as to not get lost in all of the individual threads.

    I have recently:
    Adam Jones
    Chris Ray
    Chris Tillman
    Brian Matsuz
    Cliff Lee
    Kevin Kolb

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    Out in the last few days:

    Dick Green - c/o home
    Rena Sofer - c/o agent
    Juwan Howard - c/o home
    Dominique Coleman - c/o team
    Javaris Crittenton - c/o team
    Danny Trejo - (Machete!) - c/o agent
    Jaclyn Smith - c/o agent
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    Curtis Granderson......3/4
    Stan Musial...............3/7
    Ray Allen...................3/7
    Rick Barry...................3/7

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    For a guy that got a whole 3 requests out over a 2 and a half month span, I've really picked up the pace the last few weeks!

    Within the last week:

    Baseball...Spring Training:

    Andrew Bailey
    Mat Latos
    David Price (a longshot but he signed sporadically last ST)
    Tony Larussa
    Mookie Wilson - I hope he signs it b/c it is an absurd picture of he and Keith Hernandez posing with the Count from Sesame Street. I explained to him it was the only photo I could find, and that my daughter loves the Count.
    RA Dickey
    Bobby Parnell
    Jenrry Mejia
    Josh Thole
    JP Arencibia
    Kyle Drabek
    Joe Nathan
    Michael Cuddyer
    Pat Neshek
    Chipper Jones
    Drew Stubbs
    Joey Votto (longshot, but he signed last season ST and I am still kicking myself for not sending to him)
    Matt Wieters
    Adam Jones
    Neftali Feliz
    Dustin Ackley
    Matt Cain
    David Wright - By far my longest shot ever. He is my favorite player though, so it is worth a shot for me. I sent him an 8x10 custom, genuine letter, and even attached a small photo of my family (me, wife, and 10 month old daugter) all wearing Mets gear. I figure any time I send to him, it better be an 8x10 because if I get lucky then there'll be no regrets.
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Mark McGwire

    Hockey: (this is my first go at hockey)

    Mike Richards
    Kimmo Timonen
    Danny Briere
    Scott Hartnell
    Chris Pronger
    Brian Boucher
    Sergei Bobrovsky
    Bobby Clarke


    Rooney Mara --- Starred in Social Network and is due to be the lead in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    "Higher - Faster - Stronger"

    "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose..."

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    In the outbox over the last couple days:

    May Wynn - actress c/o home
    Dirk Nowitzki - c/o Mavs
    CM Newton - c/o home
    Susan Sullivan - actress c/o agency
    Nathan Lane - c/o Broadway
    Arianny Celeste - c/o home
    Didi Benami - singer c/o home
    Brad Daugherty - c/o home
    Eric Dickerson - c/o home
    Mike Horan - c/o home
    Luis Gonzalez - c/o DBacks
    Sofia Vergara - c/o agency
    Kendra Wilkinson - c/o Dancing With The Stars
    Ralph Macchio - c/o DWTS
    Petra Nemcova - c/o DWTS

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    Mark McGwire - 3/7 (Hope this comes through..)
    Orlando Hudson - 3/7
    Drew Stubbs - 3/8
    Tony Dungy (Again) - 3/8
    Mike Quade - 3/8
    Kemba Walker (May be too late though, gotta give it a shot though) - 3/12
    Vladimir Guerrero - 3/12
    Hank Conger - 3/14
    Arnie Risen - 3/14
    Gail Goodrich - 3/14
    Willie McGinest - 3/14
    Jim Bunning - 3/14

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