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Thread: SLNbaseball success thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    You get some great returns man, congrats!

    Thanks man. Hope the good luck continues for all of us during spring training
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    Some amazing stuff in here..
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    I haven't be able to sit down to post my successes as i have been in another county doing some consulting work so I finally got back home on Friday and tonight had the opportunity to post my successes. If you need addresses please shoot me a PM.

    Some of these are from trades and thank you to all who I have traded with.

    89 Topps hits from trades Carlos Quintana, Tom Bolton, Doug Dascenzo, Kevin Mitchell, Dwight Evans, Eric King, Andre Dawson, Rick Sutcliffe, and Cecilio Guante

    90 Upper Deck - Hubie Brooks (TTM)

    90 Pro Set - Bob Griese (PO runied this card), Roy Foster

    Connie Hawkins - TTM

    Allen and Ginter - Lisa Leslie (TTM) and Ozzie Martinez (Trade)

    Red Sox PC

    Gene Conley - signed a card and my photo of Fenway. Piad his fee of $1 per autograph

    Jim Lonborg - signed an index card and a card. No fee

    Blake Swihart - Trade


    John Salley - signed 2 cards c/o his work address

    Gary Fencik - signed 2 cards, one which is signed by William The Fridge Perry

    Leslie Easterbrook - Most know her as Calahan from the Police Academy movies. Signed 2 photos

    Juan Carlos Parjea - Another hit to my The Walking Dead collection. Unfortunately he signed the back of my photos.

    Laurie Holden - Had given up on these. Seemed like everyone else was getting their items back signed by her and mine never came. She came through and signed all 3 photos I sent. A great success for my The Walking Dead collection.

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    awesome stuff.. Evens looks amazing. i sent to John Salley myself about 2 weeks ago. nice successes!

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    Thanks everyone!
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    Nelson Chittum - sent 1 card and he returned it signed along with a signed index card and 2 other photos (Red Sox and Cards uniform signed photos)

    Bill Maas - signed 2 cards, 1 for my 90 Pro Set set.

    Jack Billingham - signed 1 card in less then a week

    Adam LaRoche - signed 1 of 2 c/o his home address.


    Several set hits for 89 Topps set, 90 Pro set.

    Big thanks to DMBfan (Tim) for getting the Bard, Iannetta, Ackley and Miller signed at a UNC basebll event.


    Matthew Wood - Voice General Grevious in Star Wars. Signed 2 photos

    Ed Asner - Was Santan Clause in Elf and also voiced in Up. Signed 2 photos.

    Florence Henderson - known as the mom in The Brady Bunch. Will be sending on of these photos to the maid from the show.

    Beatrice Boepplle - Was Freddy's mom in Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Signed 1 photo.

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    Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon - picked these up from another member on the board.

    All TTM autos were sent to home addresses. Just ask if you need them.

    Lee Strange - sent 2 cards and received them both back signed. The one on the bottom of the photo is for trade. He also included a signed index card.

    Bill Renna - sent 3 cards, asked him to keep 2 and send back one. He signed them all and included a 4th signed card. The 2 on the bottom of the photo are for trade

    Jim Wright - sent 2 cards and signed 2 cards. One is for trade

    Ken Aspromonte - he signed the one card I sent to him. When I picked up this card, it says he plays for the Senators but his uniform is a Red Sox uniform. Glad to have this one signed.

    Other baseball success -

    Daniel McCutchen - signed a 2010 Topps in 534 days c/o the team address. A nice surprise!


    John Schmitt - signed 2 Super Bowl III cards. One is already signed by Matt Snell and the other one is signed by Snell, Emerson Boozer and Gerry Philbin

    Dan Sullivan - signed a Super Bowl V card already signed by Billy Curry, Glenn Ressler, and Rick Volk. He also wrote a nice note about his experience playing with the Colts.

    Duke basketball -

    Andy Means - was a walk on with the Duke men's basketball team. Signed a photo of Duke's locker room.

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