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Thread: SLNbaseball success thread

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    I know I haven't posted my successes in a while. Honestly I have been super busy as this time of year is one of the busiest with my job with firearms training and I am on the road quite a bit. Received these in the mail yesterday:

    Moose Stubing - hit to my 89 Topps, a pick up from the bay. I am now over 75% done with the set and almost to my goal for the end of the year: a total of 600 signed cards for the set. 4 more to go.

    Yuji Okumoto - many remember him from Karate Kid 2 as the villian against Danielson. He was also in another one of my favorite 80's movies Better Off Dead. Ok it wasn't that great of a movie but I thought it was funny back then. I e-mail Yoji and he responded back to send whatever I wanted. I did and he signed everything and sent a personal post card back as well. Grat pic kup for my 80's movie collection.


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    Zach Galligan - sent back in March to this actor from Gremlins. He signed 2 photos. If anyone is interested in the one signed in silver, let me know.

    Reggie Bannister - you may recognize him from the Phantasm movies which were some of my favorite horror movies as a kid. I e-mailed him and he gave me permission to write to him. He only signed 1 of my photos I sent which I am completely ok with. Glad to add him to my collection.

    Finally, this was a write off:

    Jordin Sparks - sent this not to long after the 2010 A&G cards came out c/o of her theater production. Finally received it back signed on 10/25/2012. Talk about a long wait! Glad to have her in my collection.

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    Ray Stevenson - starred in Thor and also was The Punisher. Signed 2 photos and also sent one of his own. Took a little over 3 months.

    James Morrison - starred in 24 beside Kifer Sutherland. Glad to add him to my 24 collection. Signed 2 photos and took 209 Days.


    Paige McPherson - signed her 12' Olympic card in 35 days c/o Peak Performance in Miami
    the other Olympic card was sent by the athlete himself after I e-mailed him. He paid for the card and postage. Nice to add him as well

    Rich Monteleone - signed both cards in 7 days. Now if only I can find a workable address for Dana Williams

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    The Walking Dead

    Jeffrey Dumunn - signed an 8x10 of is character from the show. Didn't sign the one I sent.

    Nick Gomez - (Tomas from the prison) signed both photos I sent and sent a nice note back


    Ally Sheedy - From The Breakfast Club, signed my DVD insert and a photo

    Tatyanna McFadden - signed a 12' Topps Olympic card

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    Recieved Billy Harrell and Frank Duffy for my Red Sox collection

    Took 12 days to return!

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    Max Poser - World Record Holder for the most dominos toppled. Sent a few cards to him last year and he returned them all signed.

    Josh Hamilton photo from the 10' A&G I picked up last year.

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    Picked these up on 1/19/2013

    Rachel Nichols - signed 2 photos care of her management

    Bradley Cooper - sent these 2 photos to his manager almost 10 months ago.

    Hilary Swank - tried a production address for her upcoming movie. Was shocked to see it come back in less then 10 days and signed.

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    Picked up the second signature on an 79 Topps from Juan Berenguer. Now, do I send it to Dwight Bernard or not?

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    Received Amy Yasbeck and Georgia Van Cuylenberg back on 1/27/2013

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    Hal Brown - sent 1 card to his home address on 12/20/2012 for my all time Red Sox collection. Received a 55 Topps signed and he included one of his own

    Louis Lipps - Former Steeler, sent 2 Pro Set cards to him and he returned them signed and is askig for $5 per now. Took 35 days.

    Jessica Parratto - signed 1 12' Topps Olympic card c/o her home in almost 2 months.

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