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Thread: Philly INK

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    I got there with only Charlie Manuel and 2 Samuel/Kratz

    I traded the Kratz/Samuel for schwimmer and o, then traded schwimmer and charlie manuel for papelbon (my #1 want)

    I then traded my other 12 for polanco and wigginton, sold my polanco for 20.

    Then I traded a stack of TTM duplicate autos for 10 "scrub" tickets including pierre and nix/mayberry (who I needed). I sold the other 8 tickets.

    So that left me with Wigginton, Pierre, Papelbon, Nix/Mayberry (all the guys I needed) and after selling I was +$75 dollars off of my initial investment in my admissions packages (100 dollars total made, spent 25, so net 75).

    Got papelbon first, he was the nicest guy I met. He insisted on shaking hands and introducing himself as "Jon" to everyone that came up to him. He sweet spotted my ball and added my asked-for inscription "cinco ocho"

    While I was in the Juan Pierre line, there was a kid in front of me with a stack of literally like 30 tickets. It was 5:30 at this point (getting late). He told me his dad was a sponsor and he had all the tickets multiple times but didn't have time so he was trying to get whatever he could get at that point to recoup some cash. I offered him 15 for a halladay and he said yes!

    So I ran up there and got Halladay on the sweet spot. I had heard he wasn't inscribing, but I asked him for 2X cy young and he said yes! I thought about it after the fact- what am I going to do if he ever wins a 3rd cy young?!

    I should have had him put in something timeless like- 2nd playoff no hitter. Or multiple cy young winner or something. Either way, it's awesome!

    So I got my entire want list, got a Roy Halladay that I wasn't expecting, and actually MADE 65 dollars. I don't know how my luck keeps going every year, but it does...

    I had a great time meeting everyone too. Sorry I wasn't very active trading with y'all, but I had papelbon (my #1 want) by the time I even met any of you, so I was pretty much set and just trying to maximize my value.

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    Eric glad you did so well. You were cracking me and my friends up walking with those cards. Glad the effort didn't get wasted.

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    Yeah I'm a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to trading @ the phestival, but the process always seems to work out. Glad I provided some entertainment for everyone.

    Seems like everyone on these boards did well even though very few of us actually got lucky with our original tickets.

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    Man yall racked up! Glad to see all the success!

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    I did pretty well myself. I didn't think to try to introduce myself to anyone on here though. Maybe next year. Anyway my original tickets included Howard, Halladay, Papelbon, Rollins, and Lee plus other smaller guys. I sold the Lee and gave the Papelbon to my friend since he wanted him. Traded Rollins for Utley. So I ended up with Howard, Halladay, Utley, Blanton, Pierre, Fontenot, Horst, and B***ardo. Howard, Halladay, and Utley were my Top 3 wants so I couldn't have planned it much better.

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    Went in with the goal of getting my dad's 2 Halladay items signed, Halladay and Hamels on my 8x10 of the starting rotation SI, and OMLB's by the players I didn't already have. Was able to achieve all these goals through a variety of trades, and help getting through all the lines. Not sure if I traded with anyone on here, but if I did, thank you. Got lucky with Utley, as I walked over just as they were starting to put together the cash line, and I was able to get an 8x10 and OMLB from him with help from my wife.

    OMLB: Savery, Diekman, Fontenot (w/ 2010 WSC), Mackannin, Utley, Horst, Kratz
    8x10: Howard, Hamels, Utley, Manuel, Polanco, Schwimer, Dubee, Pierre, o, Mayberry, Nix, Samuel, Blanton, Kendrick (x2), Perlozzo, Wigginton, Gross
    11x14: Hamels
    Litho: Halladay
    PG/NO Hitter Line Up Card Collage: Halladay

    Also bought 6 grab gags:
    DVD's & Manuel SGA baseball/tin
    Howard signed hat
    Victorino signed hat
    Rich Dubee signed OMLB (black ink)
    Pat Burrell Signed OMLB (black ink)
    Ryan Howard Signed OMLB (blue ink!)

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    Everyone seems to be having Carlos Ruiz signings lol

    Bc Sports has announced they are having one at the Sports Vault at the King of Prussia Mall

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    I was late with my posting because I went on vacation right after the phestival! I went with no autograph tickets and just a single admission ticket. I got there around three o’ clock and was around the back of the line. I didn’t bother meeting up with anyone here because I didn’t have anything to trade and just went with $50 bucks in my pocket, so I get into line and the people in front and behind me were both at their first ever Phillies phestival. They didn’t know much, and I ran down the basic outline for them. It was fun talking and passing the time, A LOT of people were walking down the line trying to sell tickets but for way unfair prices. In fact the guy in back of me really wanted John Mayberry for some reason and some dealer was trying to sell it to him for $30 bucks. I talked the guy out of buying it and told him hecould give a donation since Mayberry is not a popular player. The dealer was kind of pissed off I told the guy that piece of information, but he was trying to take advantage of someone so I didn’t give a damn. Well the guy thank me about telling him about the donation system and he gave me one of his tickets.

    I tried paying him for it,but he refused. Very cool of him. It was Horst/Bast ardo ticket. So I went in and got both players. I got Bast ardo on a 2012 Topps and then I just made my way around. I gave donations to get Kratz/Samuel, Nix/Mayberry, and Fontenot/Billmeyer.I also got LA/Sarge for someone who asked me to get them for their set. So I needed to do that. By this time though I needed to leave because like I said, I was suppose to go on vacation and had hotel reservations, so I ducked out early.

    Also I did buy three grab bags (two were for some of my family members who gave me money to get them bags, while the other was me just trying to press my luck). I pulled a Shane Victorino signed ROMLB also certified which was cool. Pretty much got my money back there because the ball is 15 bucks, and to certified a baseball cost a good penny. So I was really happy.

    So I spent a total of $50 bucks and got a good amount of players I needed for my PC. While I did get screwed out of getting the auto tickets this year, I think I made the best of it plus I spent less money which was a plus and the number one player I wanted, Thome was traded and not there. Overall I was pretty happy about my Phestival recap!
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    carlos ruiz this saturday aug.4th noon-1:30 at carl's cards in havertown.should be a good one.This will be the 4th time I will be sitting with carlos at one of carl's public signings.

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