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Thread: Philly INK

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    Former Phillie Jimmie Schaeffer will be at Merchants Square Mall signing autographs. only $5

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    Steve Carlton signing at SPorts Vault at King of Prussia mall with BC Sports. on Stat Aug 11th.

    Autograph Photo or baseball $59
    Premium Item $79
    With one free inscription, $20 after first one

    Here is the info...

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    can anyone help with this flyers mystery sig? somebody gave me a whole box of sports stuff they were getting rid of, this was in it. it's an 8x10 of a bunch of 96/97 flyers but might have been signed after that. looks like "JJ 22" (well, not really), those initials don't ring any bells. the only 22 i think they had around that time was luke richardson but his sig looks nothing like this. any clue? thanks

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    I think Scott Daniels was number 22 in the 96/97 season

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    yep, i think that's it. ugly sig. the photo also has a brind'amour sig on it but i knew his.
    thanks guys.

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    Not autograph news but victorino got traded to the dodgers for 2 relievers

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    and since victorino was a jerkoff about signing its doubly not autograph related.

    Glad to see one of the most overpaid and overrated phillies is gone.

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    He was probably the best signer of the starters besides utely

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    met him 3 times, he wasn't nice any of them...but i did love to watch him play the game. sad day in philly.

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